Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dear Mr. Selig,

I don't like exhibition games, and the Mid-Sum Classic ASG is no diff.  Also the _ button on this, my comp is busted, the one between the "e" and "t", that's the one that doesn't wo_k.  I will do eve_ything in my powe_ to t_y not to use wo_ds with _'s, at the least, that should be inte_esting to watch.  Sta_ting.....Meow...

Any how Commish, I don't get down with the A-S Game.  Actually I don't get down with any AS Games, but I'm all about the ASG tonight.  Not one, usually, to get too A-S Game excited, AND I was one of the many who thought that the whole "This Time it Counts" A-S Game thing was completely stupid and just a TV Ad ploy.  That also may have happened to coincide with the fact that the Cubs didn't have anything "on the table" in the ASG.  And as I'm positive you all know, I am a Huge Cubs Fan.  

So I got off the J O B at 4:45 today, had to hit the Safeway to get food, in a complete panic that I had to get home by 5 to watch the ASG.  Luckily the commute between the job and the house takes 5 minutes plus the 10 minute snatch and go at the Safeway I was safely in the house by 5:01.   Now some of you may have seen my post today, in which many topics about tonight's game came up.  So you know, I am amped about this game.  Well I was not exactly that happy with the 35 minute excess TV Time commending All Things Yankee.  The Blessed Banks gave a nice speech in the beginning to the NL Team, but again I am a biased Cub fan, so why wouldn't I love The Man talking.  Let's play 2.  Anyways, it might have been so-so, I didn't mind, Banks is the Man.  It was nice.  But I'm off topic, again, the 25 minutes spent watching FOX deitize [yes I did make that up] the past Yankees was mind numbing.
Bottom line, I watched tonight's ASG with ultimate excitement.  I was glued.  I was completely zoned in.  I watched the Cubs lose to the GMen in SF on Sunday and I wasn't even closely as involved as I am now.  And as I said in the above mentioned post that I did today, I was excited that the Cubs had so many in the game.  I did not want some young kid in FLA deciding the outcome of this game, since it is a key in Chicago when the Cubs have been unbeatable at home, and less than that away.  It's only fitting that some kid clothed in the FLA teal and black [Dan Uggla with 2 Eff-Ups] completely blows it in the 10th, even with Cub Demps pitching amazing at the top of 10.

So needless to say, those of you who watched the game, Uggla and CO pitchman Cook got the NL out of the 10th despite Uggla's less than All anything attempts in the 10th.  I guess it's only fitting that Houston Stud Miguel Tejada has had so much to do with tonight's game.  Again, I don't usually buy into the All Exhibition games in any leagues so needless to say, this isn't easy in my book.  

I find myself getting excited and clapping [at home, by myself] while Milwaukee guys pitch, Houston guys play, St. Louis guys bat, Natti guys play, and Pit guys go big.  It's such an odd feeling as a Fan.  You, well I was taught at a young age not to like anyone else in the division.  But specifically hate [1] St. Louis [2] Milwaukee [3] Houston, and let the last 2 fall as they may.   I mean I was standing and yelling, excited 2 seconds ago when Pitt OF [who I have yelled at but not with many times] McClouth just gently tossed that one home in the bottom of the 11th to tack on multiple inning 3 tonight.  Now I'm watching a St. Louis guy [Ludwick] on what I can assume is the level of a St. Louis fan in a game against the Cubs in Sept.  

...AND LUDWICK WALKS.  McCLOUTH SAFE at 1st, FLYING by the bag.  Cub division enemies go back to back to get on at 1 and 2.  It's all about the midwest of the NL at this moment, and that kid in the Teal and Black FLA button up is at the Plate.  Uggla is on the eyes of all at this moment.  And, as I suggested today, I don't want to have my team's post season lives on the line with some Kid in FLA, and as I type that he gets K'd out.  I wasn't planning on pulling a Simmons because in all honesty my last couple attempts = lame play by play [at best].  I just had a couple things I wanted to get on, and I'm getting pulled in.  

Was Uggla given a glove made of cement blocks.  He can't catch a thing.  I'm just glad he knocked it down and Guillen didn't go home.  And in all honesty, the LA Dodge Backstop has had an awesome defensive game tonight.  Officially not happy with the IBB with the AL #1 in Batting Avg. on-deck.  Maybe it's decision making like that that led to CO getting swept last Nov.  But it came out OK with the Good Guys making the play at 1st.

Again Im loudly standing and backing a division enemy with one on and one out.  You haven't met a Milwaukee OF #1 fan than me.  Well post his swinging K, I can pick up my affiliations against Milwaukee OF #1 as they have been all season. him and, fellow division enemy, Ludwick both suck.  

Los is on, the Cub Mid-Pen K King who hasn't been playing well of late is on the mound.  I suppose this is what I asked to happen.  If this could decide the post-season in Chicago, I want my boy Los on the mound.  I'll die with Los, this is not his last ASG, Uggla botched it again.  3 Es tonight and he didn't come in until the sixth.  Just when I'm saying that I'm happy I got my guy on the mound to decide the outcome instead of some young gun in FLA, he manages to blow it again.  Uggla has quickly become my most hated Athlete.  GBay, Duke, StLou, Mil, ASU, White Sox > Dan Uggla.  K-King gets the K. Top of 14th.  I hope we don't see a tie again.  

I should point out that it's 10:05 PM in Tucson.  I get mad being football fan in football season because I have to get up at 10:00 AM to catch Chicago games when I need my beauty sleep.  But I guess the opposite would suck as well.  It's 1:05 AM in NY I'm getting sleepy in AZ, this is all too common out east I assume.  But if I get up at Nine AM to watch football, and not even in attendance, how can you possibly explain empty seats in an amazing ASG, the best I've seen in my 23 July's, the last game at Yankee stadium.  If they committed to 35 minutes of convo about Yankee Stadium without the 1st pitch even being tossed [by 4 Yankees to 4 Yankees] plus the constant Top Ten Yankee moments, how can Yankee fans leave this game.  It aint LA, you have public subways, I mean it's not OK in LA, but it makes less sense in NY.  

Tejada came in at the same time as Uggla.  Countless good catches, went past the plate and put the NL up, and best of all 0 Es.  Unlike the complete waste of space known as Dan Uggla.  Win/Lose, Uggla will be taken down piece by piece on this site on a daily basis.  i just looked, this is gettin kinda long isn't it.  We need a Webb Gem [Pun intended], NL bats to wake up, and possibly a Lidge shutdown bottom of the 15th and I'll go to sleep happy.  Eva's little sibling sits down on the Webb K, let's go to the 15th.  

Just what I wanted Buck to say, at bat Dan Uggla.  I think his uncle Tim Donaghy asked him to boot tonight's game.  And again he pulls a K, again.  He's 0-4 with 3 Es and 3 Ks.  Way to go big guy.  Yeah, you SUCK.  The new Enemy #1 Dan Uggla.  On the plus side. Scott Kaz is in.  He's on a 25 pitch count, that's what I was told today, NL bats need to take him deep and wait to see Eight guys on the AL defense and have Eva's sibling Evan pitch the Sixteenth.  Lidge is in, the NL has no pitchmen left tonight.  The AL is out of pitchmen too.  My guy told me Kaz is on a count.  25 and That's It, but the competitive side of the game could change things.  He did just not, in what seemed to be an up and down "yes" fashion with the [ex-Kitty Kat] AL skip.  I'm sick of typing.  

Watching the Tampa Bay Backstop bat at some flys, and not the high in the sky white ones, but flying in the face ones, in Yankee stadium I can only think of the Midges the NY dealt with in Cleveland in the ALDS.  Still funny.  Meanwhile, Buck needs to stop doing the lead in thing "3-1 count JD up to the plate could end it..." K.  We get it, you want that moment.

and you got it "Safe this game is ove_"

Eff This, why did you give me the up close shot of Dan Effing Uggla again.  I hate that guy.