Thursday, July 31, 2008

CC Sabathia is a Class Act

I hope I'm not stepping on 4Real's toes here but CC Sabathia is a Class Act. That pains me to say, since he is on the Brewers and has made the Central race closer since his entrance into it. The reigning AL Cy Young winner left Cleveland with a heavy heart. Baseball is a business and Milwaukee was ready to pay his bills. Cleveland made attempts to sign C.C. past the 2008 season but contract talks stalled and the Tribe decided they needed to get something for Sabathia and the Brew Crew was ready to rent him for a few months in exchange for a couple prospects. Rather than pulling a Manny (bad talking the team and its' fans before getting traded) he stepped away from the team he had spent his entire Major League career with with class.

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Well this week he dropped nearly 13 Grand on a full page article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer thanking the city and its fans. I guess Tribe fans can only hope that when CC is back on the market in November that perhaps he can find his way back to Cleveland. It's rare that a guy drops any kind of thank you like this to fans in his old city.