Thursday, February 14, 2008

1995-1996: Revisited

Retro is "in" in the sports world again. The last year has been like 1996: Part Deux. Don't believe me? Here's a small sampling of the repetitive themes 12 years later in the world of sports:

Jason Kidd is the starting Point Guard for the Dallas Mavericks.

Chris Webber is a Golden State Warrior.

Steve Nash is the starting Point Guard for the Phoenix Suns.

Shaq is getting a re-birth and a title shot in the Western Division.

The NBA is talking about going to a new country.

The best player in the NBA is the the Central Division and wears #23.

The Portland Trailblazer's Center has knee problems.

The Patriots just lost the Super Bowl.

The Packers and Cowboys were the top two teams in the regular season.

O.J. Simpson is in legal trouble.

The Pittsburgh Penguins have the top player in the game.

Tony Gwynn is playing professional baseball.

Tom Glavine is on the Atlanta Braves.

There's a hefty 1st baseman with the last name of Fielder rocketing HRs.

The Indians are heading into a new season with a legitimate chance at the World Series.

Joe Torre is getting a fresh start in a new League.

And the Cubs still haven't won the World Series.