Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pats Looking to go 18-1* Again in 08

The Patriots are following up on their old off-season moves trying to repeat the rarified feat of going 18-0 and losing the Super Bowl despite being heavily favored. How do they plan to do this? Simple. First they attempt to sign an aging former pro-bowl Linebacker who is on the open market. 2006: Junior Seau, 2008: Zach Thomas? Next they go after a Miami Dophins Wide Receiver 2007: Wes Welker, 2008: Marty Booker? Then get Randy Moss on board for the year. 2007: Trade for Randy Moss, 2008: Tag/extend Randy Moss? So with all of those in play and possible the question is where do they go next. At this point last year they cut Corey Dillon (look out Maroney). Talk about uncreative. You've got to make some kind of big move if you want to improve. The Bears didn't do anything after losing Super Bowl XLI and look what happened to them in 2007. Take heed Pats or you might be next. I think they just signed the guy on the right to play linebacker next season. Sorry Zach, seat's taken.