Thursday, February 14, 2008

He's all grow'eds up and he's all grow'eds up...

As we've all heard by now, Bobby Knight resigned from the Head Coaching job at T-Tech just as the season was getting dirty. Some said this was bad news for the boys in Lubbock, due to the fact they had just lost the most winningest coach in NCAA Div I history - on his own terms none the less. But T-tech showed poise and confidence in their fall back plan - letting Pat Knight take the wheel of the ship that dad built. Standing in the daunting shadow of a 902-371 record (70.8% winning percentage - disgusting *in a good way*), T-tech on the edge of their seats waiting for Pat to show his true colors. With the boat being rocked the two games following the resignation of the General, legs jostled, nails were bitten as the gun-barrel of the future pointed right down the mouth of Pat. If I'm not painting an adequate picture think Fight Club -Opening scene. Anyways, as impressive a first win as anybody could wish for the unranked Red Raiders (6th in the Big 12) beat number 18 Kansas last night with Pat Knight at the helm. A top 25 upset, for a first win not too shabby. And with Dad in attendance. Half surprised the Gen didn't run onto the sidelines to scream at Pat when a bad play was called. But hey once you've left the show, there's no re-entry. Anyways congrats Pat, keep the legacy alive.
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