Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Couple of After Thoughts

First of all, Et Tu BC? Two posts in one day and both of them take a shot at me (I was a History Education major in college and am a Bears fan). What do you want Muhsin Muhammad and Ricky Manning, Jr. back? Too bad.

Also, and more importantly, I added a link at the right of the page to sign the Save Friday Night Lights petition. NBC has pulled the plug on finishing season 2 of FNL (Cut short because of the writer's strike) and looks like it won't be bringing it back for season 3. You got rid of Black Donnely's not that long ago (another absolutely incredible show that 4Real got me hooked on, only to have the rug pulled out from under me) and now you're debating whether or not to bring back the fictional town of Dillon and their love for football (which I got payback since I got 4Real into that one only to have it apparently pulled out from under him). If NBC does choose not to continue to show FNL I just hope that some other station out there picks up the rights. I don't care if they jumped the shark by having QB1 Saracen and Riggins at a strip club officially having every single scene from Varsity Blues remade for TV, it's still a great show. Sure it needs more football, but this agression will not stand, man. This coupled with the continual Real World/Road Rules competitions as well as Flavor of Love/Rock of Love/Tila Tequila/American Idol/Dancing.../ etc shows makes me seriously wonder what one has to do to get a ratings box on their TV. Seriously. How are some of these shows still able to be seen but quality TV disappears from us. How did quality shows like The Office survive the morons who choose what we see on TV?