Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fun With Google!

As many of you are aware Google is the premier search engine available today. So much so that the word Google itself, nonsensical a mere 10 years ago has transformed from Noun to Verb, as in I just Googled … or Google “asldfjhasd” and check out the links, so much to the point that I have heard, believe it or not, as an insult someone saying “I Googled your mom last night”. I don’t even know what that means. Nonetheless Google has become and important part of our society. Well for those of you who are unaware Webpages have tracking systems so the authors can see what works and what doesn’t as far as bringing in traffic. They can also see what brings people to their site. So I was skimming through the results of our own Google searches and figured I would answer some of the top questions that have sent people to our site, all in one post. So here it is some of the top Google queries that may have directed you to our site.

Mock Draft: In a who knows how many part series (ed. Note 5 thusfar) we have been laying down Round 1 of the 2008 NFL Draft/2008 NFL Mock Draft through piece by piece updates. The most recent being the 1-31 with the Top 20 abridged. They can be found here at the top of which there are posts to the different sections. Please visit those for some updated draft coverage, Version 2.0 will be coming out shortly following the 2008 NFL Combine. The whole combine circus begins on the 21st (a.k.a Thursday) and I believe the coin toss is this Wednesday to decide the 3rd 4th and 5th picks between Atlanta Falcons, Oakland Raiders, and Kansas City Chiefs. I believe the Combine wraps up on the 26th.

Heisman…: We did a few pieces summing up the Bronze Stiff Arm (a.k.a. The Hesiman Memorial Trophy) discussing Heisman Hopefuls, leading candidates, past winners successes (Barry Sanders), failures (Rashan Salaam) and those in between (O.J. Simpson, Charlie Ward). In a 2 part series we broke down the Top 25 Heisman Candidates for 2008-2009 but I’m waiting until Spring Ball to narrow the list down to 15-ish going into mini camps. All of the Heisman info can be found by clicking the link in the right toolbar or clicking here.

Conan vs. Colbert: I just quickly posted the video. And without going too in depth this is one thing that has gone amazingly out of control but in a good way. Without posting all of the videos and slowing the site down, do yourself a favor and just search it on YouTube. All of the clips are on there including the Huckabee and Chuck Norris Lever ad. Which is priceless. For Background if you are unaware of the battle. Conan O’Brien and Stephen Colbert battled to see who was more responsible for the success of Mike Huckabee after his surprising presidential nomination run despite many thinking he was way out of his league. Conan claimed the rebirth of Norris’ fame and pop-culture notoriety through his “Walker: Texas Ranger Lever” and through Norris, Huckabees popularity grew. Conversely Colbert said it was because of his backing of Huckabee and agreement to be his running mate. If you have 20 minutes to kill on youtube, this should be how it’s done.

NCAA Football Bracket/Mock Bracket: I put together a mock playoff bracket for college football during the hectic and out of control 2007-2008 NCAA football season. Mine was a 16 seed format seen here:

With Each Bowl being determined by Conference Winners and at-large bids. It breaks down as such:

16 spots with 11 designated to the 11 Major Div I "FBS" leagues (ACC, Big XII, Big East, Big Eleven, C-USA, MAC, MWC, Pac-10, SEC, Sun Belt, WAC) with 5 open spots for the remaining top teams.
Stipulation 1: This would also cancel out the "Notre Dame Rule" that states that Notre Dame goes to a BCS bowl if they have 8 wins, which further proves the greed of the Bowl System because ND has been vastly outplayed the last 9 times they've been to a bowl game and it's because they bring in revenue to everyone and get beat on Nat'l TV in front of a huge audience.
Stipulation 2: If a Conference does not have a team in the AP/Coaches Top 25 they would forfeit their bowl spot.
Stipulation 3: At the end of the season 1 poll of Equal Strength would be completed for playoff positioning and to grant the at-large bids. 2 votes would be given to each member the Las Vegas Poll I have mentioned before, 1 vote to each voter in the AP Poll, and 1 vote to Each member of the ESPN/USA Today's Coaches Poll.

The seeding of last year’s playoffs would have been:
# 16 Clemson vs. #1 Ohio State in the Sun Bowl
# 15 BYU vs. #2 LSU in the Insight.com Bowl
# 14 Boston College vs. # 3 Oklahoma in the Music City Bowl
# 13 Illinois vs. # 4 Georgia in the Outback Bowl
# 12 Arizona State vs. # 5 Virginia Tech in the Las Vegas Bowl
# 11 West Virginia vs. #6 USC in the Sheraton Hawai'i Bowl
# 10 Hawai'i vs. # 7 Missouri in the Motor City Bowl
# 9 Florida vs. # 8 Kansas Holiday Bowl

2008 Preseason Rankings: We have done a few different rankings so here they are:
2008 College Football Top 25
2008 NL East Preview
2008 AL East Preview
2008 NL Central Preview
2008 AL Central Preview
2008 NL West Preview
2008 AL West Preview
2008 NL Post-season Preview
2008 AL Post-season Preview

2008 World Series Predictions will be coming soon.

Antoine Cason: AC was a DB at The University of Arizona. He has been moving up many draft boards and could be the top DB chosen in the 1st round. He won the 2007-2008 Thorpe Award and besides that he ran track as a Wildcat and is a helluva guy. He will be sadly missed in Tucson, and I can’t wait for my buddy Matt Randle to have a kid. He has promised that his kid’s middle name will be Antoine Cason.

Duke: 90% of those who searched for Duke also searched with some form of the word Hate. I wrote a piece on why everyone hates Duke last week that got a lot of responses on our Yardbarker page. Apparently I was right, everyone really does hate Duke.

Sluggo Route: Sluggo is actually the shortening of Slant and Go. It can be seen every single Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on football fields across the country. It’s a slant with a short pause to cause the defender to bite on it/fall for it and then the receiver takes off. As I mentioned in a previous post, The Double Sluggo in Madden or NCAA Football is 4Real’s favorite play to run. 9 times out of 10 he tells you it’s coming too because he is so excited, like a chubby kid running after the ice cream truck.

Micah Zahler: I made mention to Micah Zahler in a column a while ago after taking and editing a quote he had in his old cartoon “Optimal Stubble”. It was a cartoon that ran in the University of Arizona paper years ago that was flat out hysterical. Archives of which can be found here. Again if you have some time to kill that’s a pretty good place to start, if you like inane conversation about drinking, sports, tv, and a lot of sarcasm.

Vic Chanko: I don’t even remember when I dropped Vic Chanko in an article but Anthony Bourdain is one of my heroes. Kitchen Confidential is one of the few books I have read cover to cover, and I did it in only a couple days (while traveling). It is the first book I ever read cover to cover then proceeded to go out and buy myself. I love his show No Reservations. When it all boils down, the man is hilariously cynical and sarcastic and used to be a cook! Vic Chanko is his evil alter-ego and can be overheard in a couple of episodes of No Reservations. It’s when he’s being star Tony and not sarcastic Tony he becomes Vic Chanko as in (Tuscany episode of No Reservations) Vic doesn’t climb mountains. For those of you searching for Vic Chanko and landing here, that is who he is.

Majerle and don’t forget the coffee: I mentioned it before, and it has been mentioned in TrueHoop but former Phoenix Sun/Cleveland Cav Dan Majerle does TV nowadays and when a player throws down a nice dunk he drops the line “Hey Hun, Don’t forget the Coffee” in reference to the Good Will Hunting scene when Will tells the joke to Robin Williams. If you haven’t seen it I don’t have the effort to transcript it so let’s just say, why haven’t you seen Good Will Hunting yet?

Some of the more humorous searches that landed people on our page (at least twice):

Kyle Orton and some form of drinking, drunk, and Jack Daniels.
Ditka hates Belichick: I’m sure he does but I’m not sure why this search has A)Landed people here and 2)was originally searched for.
(Arizona Interim Head Coach/in-Waiting)Kevin O’Neil + Larry David: presumably because of their physical similarities)
Hotlanta + Origin (or something similar): It’s pretty obvious isn’t it Atlanta is Hot, they just threw it at the beginning, duh.
Cleveland Flats Thefts: among the many other places that have an abundance of thefts, in Cleveland.2009 College Preseason polls/rankings: It’s a little too early don’t ya think? Why don’t we just play 2008 first.
Top Rated _______ + Consumer Reports: people searched for top-rated Fridges and cars, among other things. I apologize to those of you who searched for real information regarding Consumer Reports and landed on the page of a former Fraternity Member making fun of CR's top light beer rankings (Keystone Light, Busch Light, and Natural Light). For those of you who missed that, I will repeat Consumer Reports, the magazine that people trust for decisions like buying refrigerators, ranked the 3 cheapest beers (Stones, Busch, and Natty) as their best buys. Still trust them to buy that Ford Focus they think is so nice?

And lastly an apology to the 30+ of you who searched for Why being really lonely is sometimes Super Awesome or some comparison of that. It was a title to a post I did a long time ago (October I believe) it had nothing to do with the Scrubs episode where Private Dancer attempts Suicide and Turk admits to sleeping with JD’s college girlfriend. I apologize for wasting your time.


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