Thursday, February 7, 2008


Following the big deal trades (Gasol to LA, Shaq to Phoenix) I couldn't help but start playing with the ESPN Trade Machine. If you haven't killed time with this thing before, you are seriously missing out. As a Die-hard U of A and Chicago Bulls fan, I recently decided to assemble what, in my humble opinion would be the greatest basketball team of all time.

First the Bulls call up the Nets, Mavs, and Hawks. They send Ben Wallace to New Jersey, Andres Nocioni to Dallas, and JamesOn Curry and Aaron Gray to Atlanta. In return Chicago picks up Richard Jefferson, Salim Stoudamire, Darrell Armstrong, and Jason Terry. (As seen here). Then they send Victor Khryapa and Darrell Armstrong to the 76ers, Tyrus Thomas and Kirk Hinrich to Washington, and Joakim Noah to Portland. From there they bring in Channing Frye, Gilbert Arenas, and Andre Iguodala. (As seen here, with Curry and Gray standing in for Armstrong). Lastly, Chris Duhon heads to the Lakers Adrian Griffin, Joe Smith, Ben Gordon , and Ronny Turiaf (from LA) go to Sacramento, and the Bulls get Luke Walton and Mike Bibby. (As seen here). And then head to the Euro leagues and grab Jason Gardner and Hassan Adams. And see if Eugene Edgerson wants out of the Globetrotters.

The Bulls then have:

G Gilbert Arenas
G Mike Bibby
G Jason Terry
G Salim Stoudamire
G Jason Gardner
G Thabo Sefolosha
F Luke Walton
F Andre Iguodala
F Richard Jefferson
F Hassan Adams
F Luol Deng
F Demetrius Nichols
C Channing Frye

I think a lot of people in Tucson would become avid Bulls fans. This year's draft picks would the obviously be earmarked for Jerryd Bayless and Chase Budinger. Unfortunately due to his recent trade to San Antonio Damon Stoudamire would not be able to join this team until the 2008-2009 season.