Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Extreme Bias: Tiger Vindicated

Preface: I wrote this Article about who was More Dominate Tiger or Jordan. Dom tried with all his bias might to rebuttal here.

Let’s start by saying that every great rebuttal that is completely factual and relevant starts off with over a page of personal attacks. He pull out all the stops including short jokes which don’t bother me since it makes me more aerodynamic all the better to navigate through your bias. By the time you got done reading Dom’s post the best thing you could have come away with is the clear fact that he is a homer. I mean I am honored that it took a whole paragraph devoted to me missing an apostrophe to get his momentum going, but really it’s all about the facts here kids. Grammar? We’re talking about Grammar? Not the Debate….Grammar… I’ll let Lebron make my point for me (and he is doing just fine for himself let me remind you)…

Rookie Campaigns:
I mention that Jordan won rookie of the year and made the all-star game as a point of reference to their careers. Rookie of the Year is a big start to a career and a good way to round out a resume in retrospect. The addition of the All Star team is icing on the cake. I mention this because Tiger also won the award, but failed to mention that in addition to finishing in the top 25 in 7 out of his 8 starts he also won the PGA Points Championship that year a little more impressive then a bias All Star Appearance.

“All Team Honors”:
Ok so Dom had to take my point of making the money list the equitable thing for All Team Honors and trying to break it down to make MJ’s stats look better. Well then lets get rid of my Top 5 and Top 10 designations and make them Top 2 and Top 4 like he suggested. By doing that Tigers numbers change from 11 first team honors to 9 first teams and 2 second teams. By you are right money isn’t really a good way of going about those rankings. Instead lets break down the field and prestige a little better. In 19 seasons Jordan had 10 first team honors while going against roughly 450 other NBA players. Lets say that makes him roughly in the top 10% or so at his position. Tiger would have received 11 First Team Honors if you were looking at rankings at One or Two in the World Golf Rankings. That makes him in the top 2% of players in the World seeing as it ranks the top 1,000 golfers.

Ok so 4 chances at a Major in one year, fine. Jordan could have had an off game and still won a championship that doesn’t happen in a major…but we’re not going to get into that. If you want to talk about PGA Points Championships, which is like an NBA season with multiple events rewarded points for placement at tournaments throughout a season we could work with that too. In that case Tiger has won 7 out of 12 championships sitting him at 58% of the championships since he started the tour which includes a season like Jordan’s where Dom claims he only played 1/3 of the season. The difference is unlike Jordan, Tiger still won the championship that year. Side Note: Did I mention its only possible for one person to win a major or championship and not 15 like in the NBA?

MVP Amended:
I decided that this category should be reworked. Instead of MVP seasons, since were talking about domination, we should look at combined accomplishments. In this case MVP + Finals MVP + Championship in a single season. If we break it down like that Jordan is sitting with an impressive number of 4 in 19 seasons which is 21% since Dom loves percentages so much. Tiger on the other hand has had 6 seasons in which he has been ranked number one in Money, PGA Points Championship, The World Golf Rankings, and named PGA Player of the Year (That excludes 01 where he was Money Leader and #1 in the World, but #5 on the Tour and the 8 years he won a Major). It also excludes Fedex Championships and numerous other accomplishments).

So I leave you with one of “Jordan’s Clutch Shots”…need I remind you that when you have a thirty foot putt to win a Major there is no one to push off of to get a better line. You miss one in Augusta and there won’t be any “No Calls” to save you, it’s in or it isn’t.

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