Wednesday, February 6, 2008

College Signing Day - 2008

So, after a up and down season of College football, it's that time of year to figure out where these new kids are going. With the coaching issues that plagued many of the top programs decisions changed, commitments reversed, and a whole bunch of middle fingers thrown up to certain coaches. In a reflection of the imbalance of this past season, the number 1 rated overall recruit has postponed his decision. Terelle Pryor can not only misspell his own name, but can not decide what school to go to. But can you blame the kid? The coaching situation in the NCAA has been more turbulent than Ike and Tina's marriage. I say he's just playing his cards close to the vest, making sure he doesn't completely screw up his future, with coaches like Bobby Petrino running around this level, I'd question even playing for a coach that hasn't been there for more than 5 years. God, I'd even question someone that spouted team accountability and responsibility to your teammates. Just stay in high school Terelle.