Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Few News and Notes for you

A couple of quick thoughts before I start making sales calls.

The 2007 New England Patriots aren't done setting records, their loss cost the Nevada sports books $2.6 Million over the weekend. Up from the previous record of $400,000. That was the last time Junior Seau was in the Super Bowl. New Super Bowl betting rule, bet against the house if their picking Seau.

For those of you out their looking for Draft updates, they will be coming in the next few weeks. The updated draft order will be decided on a coin toss at the NFL Scouting Combine. The date is fast approaching and in a couple weeks, the 20-26th of Februrary I believe. I should be following that up with a 2008 NFL Mock Draft version 2.0. Since it will be post coin toss and combine.

Suns are close to finishing a deal with the Heat to send Marcus Banks and Shawn Marion to the Southeast and bring Shaq to Phoenix. This is a good deal for both, the Heat get rid of Shaq's huge contract and get some youth to help DWade out. The Suns get rid of Marion who wanted out at the beginning of the season and Marcus Banks and get a legitimate big man to play against Duncan in the post season. The question at hand is whether or not the aging Shaq can adjust to playing the run and shoot Suns game or whether the Suns will slow it down to incorporate one of the best of all time. The Suns roster now will include future hall of famers in Nash, Shaq, and possibly Stoudemire as well as past-future hall of famer Grant Hill who is having a resurgence of sorts in Phoenix.

Keep looking out for me and 4Real and our MLB updates, up next will be the AL and NL Central divisions, in which both my Cubbies and his Tribe are the defending division champions. Will our unbiased netrality and professionalism make us lower their predicted seasons, do we honestly think they will win again, or are we going to be biased and pick them to win. Find out later.

Today is National Letter of Intent day, so keep up to date with your favorite schools and prospects and expect some analysis of the incoming talent in the couple weeks.

Bill Simmons is doing something very Bill Simmons-esque. The's "Sports Guy" recently wrote that he threw his brand new White 81 Moss jersey, purchased at the Super Bowl, in the trash immediately following the game. After a change of heart he is selling this one of a kind piece of memorabilia on eBay to benefit his favorite cause. The Jimmy Fund, in honor of coach Jimmy Valvano. Back in late November/Early December he held a marathon chat lasting over 7 hours to benefit the Jimmy Fund. Winning that jersey will also come with a signed copy of his book Now I Can Die in Peace. This would be a great pick-up for any Giants fan. What better way to remember XLII than to look at that jersey and know it came from a die-hard Pats fan who threw it in the trash following the game.

Clemens testified yesterday and said he didn't take any Performance Enhancing substances, I'm shocked.

Alright that's it for now.