Sunday, February 3, 2008

A running diary ... of sorts

Calling this a running diary would be a complete misnomer. But for posterity's sake I'll note a few things.

Ryan Seacrest was doing pregame for the Super Bowl. Ryan Seacrest and Super Bowl should never be in the same sentence. American Idol is going too far. There was also a pregame perfomance with judges Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson. Remember like 12 years ago when Paula Abdul released a single, why is she on my pregame show.

The Giants just left the locker room and to the right of the screen, maybe you missed it in places sans HD/Widescreen, the refs were doing their pregame warm-ups, complete with sprints and shuffles. I understand that they run up and down the field and the warm-ups are actually necessary, but I guess I just never thought they actually did warm-ups.

And an American Idol winner is singing the National Anthem. Couldn't they bring in Bridget Moynahan to sing a few bars.

Rodney Harrison and Junior Seau standing next to each other during the National Anthem, they seem pretty friendly. Not that I'm trying to bring up some kind of conspiracy or something, but no one else is concerned that he is having some kind of crazy resurgence playing this season when he retired 2 seasosn ago.

I will make serious attempts to refrain from Spygate mentions as much as possible. But isn't the evidence starting to add up.

First anklegate update, Brady is pain-free, who saw that coming.

I'm fairly excited to watch the NFL Network occasionally during the broadcast, according to the Cable Guide it's continually updated Statistical Coverage of SB XLII. Is it just going to be like watching Gamecast on duing the season, watching the arrow move up ad down the field? I just checked, they don't even have the arrows, it's a running clock with the seasons leaders in the left column. I want my NFL Network!

As a recap on the thoughts of the fiance, not enough fireworks during the team introductions, why didn't they run out carrying sparklers, and the flagettes, my word not hers, had two weeks to practice, shouldn't they be able to lift and drop the flags at the same time.

Peyton's looking on from the upper decks, and he looks like he just got off the yacht before the game. We see Archie almost every Giants game. Why is Peyton stag at the Super Bowl. Is he filming a commercial we'll see in the 2nd half.

I'm gonna say early, and in doing so jinxing the G-Men, they looked, actually surprisingly relaxed out there for a team with almost no SB experience, and really barely any postseason experience. They will subsequently choke early and often from now on.

Pepsi Max has just made an amazing discovery, contrary to previous thought, Chris Kattan is still alive, and acting. Huh, whoda thunk it.

I didn't make the first Spygate reference of the game, Fox did. Their House commercial pointed out numerous coaches covering their mouths, with the camera on them. I have to assume that the tape used in the commercial was the "destroyed" tapes the Patriots handed over to the NFL.

Giants impressive on their first drive, converting on 3 3rd downs, wind up with a field goal, and looked decent against the Pats offense. Stupid faceguarding penalty costs the G-Men, Pats score first TD.

Nice push-off by Toomer, Veteran ability right there.

Another shot of Peyton, willing Eli to get the snap off pre-penalty but to no avail. You can't compete with mental mistakes against the Pats.

And Eli gets his first pick of the game, granted this one can hardly be put on him, but he could have put it in there a little softer. He has to play perfect to have a chance, that's far from perfect.

Great defensive stop by the Giants, getting the Pats to go 3 and out isn't easy.

The Fiance, Sarah, says the lack of good comercials are angering her. You wouldn't like her when she's angry. Actually, you might not care, but angry and hormonal is a bad combination. I need some good commercials and soon or I'll be in trouble later.

The GMen are getting some nice pressure on the Pats, it's exactly what they need to do.

With Moss being the ultimate Me-First player it will be interesting to see if he will quit on the Pats and this game, like he did in Minnesota and Oakland.

Too much time, I don't care if it's eighty nine yards 2 minutes is too much time for the Brady Bunch.

I just lost a little bit of respect for my boy Bromo, appearing in a commercial with Justin Timberlake? Come on T.

FUMBLE - Giants ball. Probably not going to be able to convert but at least, it's a stop.

Why do they let people rush the field at halftime, that can't be good for the field, especially in Glendale, it's natural grass. Especially, as Sarah noted, the fat girl in dead sprint to the stage.

I really should have followed up on my bets. I was thinking Giants to cover that ridiculous 13 pt spread and taking the under, 54.5. Hasn't Vegas learned anything watching the last few Pats games. They haven't been blowing anyone out and they haven't been putting up 40 pt games.

Why isn't Shockey on the sideline? Is he afraid he'll be too much of a distraction? And who's tickets did he get?

There's about 13 minutes and change left and it's time for Eli's troops to start doing something, eat some clock, let the defense rest, and score a TD. We all know the Brady Bunch have at LEAST 10 points left to score in the next 13 minutes.

I should add, while writing this there were 3 great GMen plays leading to an Eli TD pass.

Once again, I realize the power of the jinx, but the Giants not only took the lead but then punished the Pats offense, again. If you look at this Giants, they're Amped. With that said, I gotta think the Giants are blowing it with this punt, the goal should be to keep the ball out of New England's hands as much as possible in the 4th quarter. Trailing, 4th quarter, doesn't matter if it's eight yards or eighty their scoring.

And Bud Light...a lot of sweat goes into it, not literally though, that would be gross. I'm not oe to comment on commercials, I'm actually not on to usually really pay ttentio during the game but the Semi Pro trailer was good. Will Ferrell was doing his best Will Ferrell/Ron Burgandy impression, and it was good.

Minutes after I think it, it happens. The Patriots look like the Patriots, all of a suden Brady is putting it wherever he wants and the Giants are finally feeling being on the field so much. Umenyiora is on the sideline. Too much time and energy has been expelled. And for some reason the Giants still aren't paying any attention to Wes Welker.

First down, inside the 20 and the Giants DBs and LBs are yelling at each other, this should be a score in the next minute or so...First down inside the 10. a score is imminent, and I don't honestly see Eli throwing together a 2 minute Game Winning Super Bowl drive, but they did comeback a few times this season.

Are you kidding me, why are they running routes under the 1st down marker. 4th and 1 you gotta go for it. All or nothing. And the Jacobs effort makes the 1st.

THAT WAS A HUGE NO EFFING WAY PLAY. The Nimble Eli scrambling around, breaking multiple tackles and lobbing it into triple coverage to Tyree. That was a great toss. It's time for the Giants to do something. Down 4, no Time Outs, 51 seconds, 2nd and 11, ball at the 25.

Giants have 2 plays to get 11 yards. And they gotta do it in less than 30 seconds to have a shot. Smith hits the sideline, and it looks like a 1st down and a stopped clock. Ball on
the 14, and OH MY GOD, the G-MEN go in, Eli makes a tremendous throw, Plaxico picks the right time for his first catch, a 14 yard toss. Up 3 with 35 seconds left. Plaxico just completely burned Hobbs on the Sluggo route. For the record, the Double Sluggo is 4real's favorite play in Madden and NCAA. Unfortunately for the Giants they're playing the Pats. 29 seconds is more than enough time for the Brady Bunch, especially with 3 time-outs.

25 seconds, 2nd down. Peyton is no longer in the VIP Lounge. "Brady goes down" echoing from Joe Buck sounds like "Down goes Frazier". Is it too late to order the 19-0 book? Absolutely Amazing. Shula and his boys are popping the champagne. And in true Belichick fashion he walks off the field and pouts. Classic. There's the asterisk for you Belichick, but instead of an asterisk it's a 1, as in 18-1. And kids all over Africa will be wearing Undefeated New England Patriots Super Bowl XLII shirts and hats.

Also read this earlier too.


Anonymous said...

Brady who???? Eli can't handle pressure?? What a fantastic game and an excellent blog. Oh and can I still order "The Greatness of Tom Brady" as well as "19-0"??? HAHAHAHAHA GO GIANTS!!!!

-M. Kramer, ALWAYS faithful Giants fan