Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Panther Rants...

Ok, so with the NFL season over as well as the NC-dub Football season over, a small part of me has died and now I have all this free time to sit on my ass and do nothing. However the free-agency period is coming up and teams are making some sal-cap room. As stated, I am a Carolina Panthers fan, and have been since the team's inception in '95. So let's just talk about what the hell happened this season.

We were 7 - 9 this season, having a quarterback controversy as bad as the Chicago Bears. We also were in one of the weakest conferences of the NFL this year as shown by the poor showing of Buc's in the first round of the playoffs. Our leading touchdown passer was Delhomme who played just over 2 1/2 games. We set an NFL record by starting the oldest player ever (who managed to win - against the Cards but whatever). We had to transfer over our first round draft pick Jon Beason to MLB since Dan Morgan was injured again. I won't even start talking about our busted secondary lead by....Chris Gamble eee...sorry 4real, but he was not worth the hype.

After our season we decided to keep our streaky coach who seemed to lose favor with Jerry Richardson. But after a couple weeks of waiting they decided to keep Fox. I guess we'll just see if the wound gets any worse before we make any rash decisions....right.

Well with Delhomme successfully throwing Nerf balls in rehab, his recovery looks very good for the 2008 season. We can finally use him to take advantage of our playmakers that we pay good money for. Sorry Vinnie, but when our 2nd round draft pick was born when you won the Heisman, it's usually never a good thing. Old balls. But my question is, who the hell are the Panther's gonna pick up that's as good as Morgan? I guess we'll see with the free agency period creeping up, but considering Morgan was a headline player for us, support for Beason does not look to good. Well hopefully we'll drop David Carr to clear up more salary cap room to drop some bills on a decent LB, OR sign an up and comer and revamp our sub par secondary. Dom, how about this? You give me my Super Bowl secondary back and we give you Carr. He's got Po I swear.