Friday, February 15, 2008

I thought we were done with this?

Antonio Pierce, New York Giant, Super Bowl Champion, and now under the scrutiny of the Middlesex County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ( I always wondered who the MCSPCA was). Apparently Pierce had been neglecting the dogs days before the Super Bowl, a situation which developed after the dogs escaped from their enclosed area.

"Pierce was issued the summons because one of the dogs was found to be underweight and suffering from a respiratory illness, officials said."
Oh I forgot to add that the two dogs were pit bulls. Sans a dead dog in the yard, this is an interesting development, due to the fact that Pierce should know that athletes are under scrutiny right now due to Michael Vick's loving affection towards his pit bulls. The sad part is he can't even battle this whole thing, because Pierce first off WASN'T even close to NJ in fact he happened to be in AZ. Second what the hell are you doing leaving dogs outside when you're out of town, in New Jersey, IN THE WINTER? Pit bulls don't necessarily have a long flowing coat to keep them warm in the harsh winter. Oh you're just trying to toughen the dogs up? For what I may ask? God man, now I'm not one of those hippy liberals who things you should pamper your dog or not have a tough dog, but this is getting kinda sad. Antonio is just lucky that he doesn't have Powerade/Nike endorsements. And that he's not one of the most controversial quarterbacks of this generation. Because I'm sure the MCSPCA would love to be the group to take down another celebrity for animal cruelty. But without that 120 million dollar signing bonus, it seems trivial to call you out too much.
SPCA chief Walt Mychal stressed that Pierce was not charged with anything related to dogfighting and could face only a fine, not jail time, if convicted.
A.K.A if Disney World will have you, you're not worth our time. I must say it pains me to have to write an article like this about an AZ alum. I'm guessing he learned his dog treatment techniques in South Tucson.

*quotes from the Associated Press