Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bears Notes

The Chicago Bears are confusing many a Bear and football fan out there with their recent off-season moves. First, they release their #1 receiver, then it looks as if they won't be signing their #2 (and leading) receiver. Then go out and extend T-(roublesome)Rex and the Neck Beard for another year. Apparently Bears management decided that having receivers simply didn't matter anymore since the quarterbacks weren't even capable of getting the ball to them to begin with. Thank god it's a good running back class in this year's draft, I say the Bears should just pick all of them. Lovie must be working on a new style of offense, he's bringing back the wishbone and aborting the forward pass. The Bears are going to be playing 2008-2009 football the way it was meant to be played.

I'm sorry I'm just ranting because the Bears are making less sense with each passing day. Also possibly options right now are going after Roosevelt Colvin (since there's no way Rosen-ass will let us re-sign Briggs) and Marty Booker. Why stop there? The Bills released 2001 Rookie of the Year Anthony (A-Train) Thomas. Well for the record Keith Traylor is out there too. I think David Terrell might be interested in a contract. Alonzo Spellmen could be available after his stint in the asylum. I really don't want to see which moves are next in thie re-building process. typically rebuilding does not mean re-building the same team from 6 years ago. Yikes.

Back to Grossman and Orton for a second. I think I might have figured out what's going on with these QB issues. Grossman only plays well when he's got something to prove (1st half of 2006 season) once he was settled in as the starter and making "who are you voting for" MVP commercials he became inconsistent. As long as Lovie said Rex is our guy he got worse. He went into the 2007 season as the starting QB with support. After a few terrible games making many of us forget that Good Rex ever existed, he was pulled. Griese went in, got hurt and went back out. Grossman actually performed OK. Once again he was the starter, even when Griese was ready to go again. Then in ultimate Rex fashion Rex got injured and the team decided to give the ball to Orton. Here's the thing. Had Kyle Orton started the Super Bowl against the Colts I firmly believe the Bears would have won XLI. The only thing stopping the 2005 Bears from being successful (and remember they went 9-4 with Orton as a starter) was the lack of scoring. Well enter Devin Hester. In XLI with Orton not losing the game and the Bears Defense and Special Teams winning the game, they would have won. Unfortunately the Bears stuck with we need Rex to win the game knowing full well that Grossman is capable of both winning and losing a game whereas Orton was only capable of managing a game and letting it's pieces fall where they may. So the point of all of this is that The Bears are banking on Orton pressuring Grossman into performing first half of 2006 well and if he doesn't they'll put in Orton. This has to be one of the worst decisions and QB Controversy Oddities I have ever heard of.

2008 promises one thing for Bears fans. Frustrating post-game press conferences.