Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Consumer Reports rated #1 informational Magazine...

...for Frat guys party planning.

Consumer Reports, you know the famous magazine people refer to when buying cars, deciding where to live, and many other important life decisions took time out to rate Light beers prior to the Super Bowl. Please, I implore you, follow the above link and read this review.

Highlights include:

  • "The experts saw no bottles, no cans, no labels. All they got was sample after sample of beer, straight from the fridge, poured carefully into wine glasses to allow for some foam formation" (The experts, I can only assume, are 20 year old guys with Greek letters on their shirts, who live in a 24 bedroom house, and habitually terrorize 18 year olds.)

Three cheaper beers--Busch Light, Natural Light, and Keystone Light, at less than $4 a pack--were almost as good and are CR Best Buys. (CR Best Buys meaning the Consumer Report choice)

  • try a Michelob Ultra, Budweiser Select, Busch Light, Miller Lite, or Natural Light. All have fewer than 100 calories a serving and taste very good, though all have slight drawbacks--such as lower flavor intensity. (When inviting the girls from that one house over for an illegal pledge party)
  • Do not shun cans. They might not be trendy, but they protect beer from light and tend to keep it fresh longer. (Also bottles are illegal at many Fraternity functions due to possible injury).
  • Consider a keg for parties. In past tests, we found that keg beer tasted fresher (and therefore better) than beer in a bottle or can. We expect the same to hold true for the light beers we tested this time around. (Though not legal at sanctioned Fraternity functions, Kegs are the best for large gatherings, especially the ones with mostly under-21 guests)

Consumer Reports has approximately 4 million subscribers, and it is one of the most renowned magzines in the country, and possibly the world. They boast the most online subcribers over any other website. Their Best Buys, top picks, just happened to be the 3 most commonly seen cans crushed over the head of many a drunk collegian, Keystone Light, Natural "Natty" Light, and Busch Light. Next week in Consumer Reports they inform us that the Red Solo Cup truly is the best cup for a house party.

This had to be one of the greatest things I have ever seen, and before you ask, yes all 3 of us (me, 4Real, and BC) were in a Fraternity, Sigma Pi, while in our undergrad at the University of Arizona.