Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Farve's Fountain Finaly Finishes

Sorry, I really love alliteration.

As I wrote before here don't be fooled. Brett Favre (from here on spelled phonetically as Farve) is not as rejuvanated as he appears. It's the first time in a few seasons that he has had half decent receivers the throw to and a running game that works to open up a passing game. His numbers improved and he looked like the second coming of Brett Farve. As I have been saying for years Brett Farve is one of the top Quarterbacks of the last 15 years. He is one of the top quarterbacks of all time, and is he a hall of famer, he would get my unbiased vote. I think he is top 25 for sure. Top 10 on the other hand I do not. This has less to do with my hatred for the Packers than it does the numbers, and they are quite simple. Brett Farve made a career out of beating up on lesser teams.

The NFC conference formerly known as the NFC Central, of which my beloved Bears belong, has been pretty damned weak over the last 15 years, and Farve made it his duty to show just how bad those teams were by constantly, continutally, and anually defeating them. Brett Farve was a good quarterback that looked better compared to his surroundings. It's that simple. He is one of the WORST game managing signal-callers of all-time. He tries to make big plays out of nothing and more often than not they cost him. People laud Farve as a gunslinger, ummmm that shouldn't be a compliment. Yeah throwing the hell out of the ball 75 yards down field is a talent and a way to make a living as a quarterback. Unfortunately for him, sometimes you're playing against better DBs and better Defenses and they pick you apart waiting for you to make that boneheaded move. And they know you will. They sit back and wait for it, because it will happen and they just hope their DB can make the play. Case and point Sunday's 2 INT performance for the aforementioned Big-Game Brett.

To Paraphrase my earlier article about this:
"Big Game Brett” in the last decade does not have the most amazing numbers especially in the post season. In fact since the Cheeseheads won Super Bowl XXXI after the 1996 season Brett really has barely been average let alone a Hall of Fame caliber quarterback. In the year following their SB XXXI victory, Green Bay lost to the Broncos in Farve’s 2 Turnover performance leading to 10 Denver Points. Since then there haven’t been a whole lot of high points for Brett...
Without going into too much detail, entering this post-season he has 16 TDs 19 INTs 5 Fumbles and 2 lost since Green Bay's Super Bowl Win."

This year's resurgent 3TD game vs. The Seahawks and his 2/2 performance Sunday even him out at 21TDs and 21INTs in the post-season over the last decade. Big game players show up big for big games.

What's the point? Well it's actually quite simple. Brett Farve is one of the top QBs of all time but someone for the love of God cover him for what he truly is. A Gambler, Risktaker, Gunslinger who has cost his team more big games than won, especially over the last decade. He's getting old and he doesn't have the arm he had 10 or even 5 years ago, and when he chucks it into a crowd of off-color jerseys things don't go well for him. For the sake of his image, take this gift of 2007 comeback player/MVP Candidate/Post-season run and go out on a high note. If he's waiting for a Super Bowl, he's gonna be waiting a long time. It's not the end of the world, he just doesn't have it anymore, and the sooner he realizes it the better for Green Bay. He's only the 45th best QB with at least 300 completions as far as Pass/Interception Percentage, the 51st best QB with Pass/TD Percentage, has the 3rd most fumbles and most INTs in a career. Go out while you're still near the top.

Of course I don't mind him sticking around to play the Bears every year, he's averaging 4.3 picks per game the last 3 years. Plus he's got a few fumbles to his credit over the same period.