Friday, January 25, 2008

2008 - 2009 Heiman Candidates Part 2

If you haven't red the top half here is the first 13 of my preseason 2008-2009 Heisman Candidates. But I'll quickly recap for you. The list is alphabetical at the moment.

Todd Boeckman, QB - Ohio State
Sam Bradford, QB - Oklahoma
Jimmy Clausen, QB - Notre Dame
Michael Crabtree, WR - Texas Tech
Chase Daniel, QB - Missouri
Noel Devine, RB - West Virginia
Graham Harrell, QB - Texas Tech
P.J. Hill, RB - Wisconsin
Ian Johnson, RB - Boise State
Kellen Lewis, QB - Indiana
Jeremy Maclin, WR - Missouri
Ryan Mallet, QB - Michigan
Colt McCoy, QB - Texas

LeSean McCoy, RB - Pitt
Why: Carried the load as a True Freshman last year, Dual Threat capabilities
2007: 276 Att, 1328 yds, 4.8 avg, 14 TD
Why Not: Plays at Pitt, Will get the same attention as Rutgers Ray Rice, not enough

Joe McKnight, RB - Southern California
Why: Flashes during his brief appearances. Featured in 2nd half of Rose Bowl 125 yds on 10 carries, will be featured in 2008, Reggie Bush Capabilities, RB at USC
2007: 94 Att, 540 yds, 5.7 avg, 3 TD
Why Not: Sophomore, Sophomore Slump? Increased workload?

Knowshon Moreno, RB - Georgia
Why: 6 - 100+ rushing games last season as True Freshman
2007: 248 Att, 1334 yds, 14 TD 0 Fumbles
Why Not: Sophomore, Sophomore Slump? People know he's a threat now

Ryan Perrilloux, QB - Louisiana State
Why: Played well splitting time with Matt Flynn, Esp. in the SEC Champ. game
2007: 51/75 for 695 yds, 8 TD 2 INT
Why Not: The pressure will be on, defending champs, Early Doucet gone

QB - Southern California
Why: QB at Southern California
2007: (Sanchez) - 69/114, 695 yds, 7 TD, 5 INT/ (Mustain) 2007 - DNP (Transfer) 2006: 69/132 894 yds 10 TD 9 INT
Why Not: 5 to 7 ratio for Sanchez, can he be a leader? Mustain could be rusty, Big play state of mind high TD #s and High INT #s

Matthew Stafford, QB - Georgia
Why: Starting QB on College Football's top team in '08, improved big between 2006 and 2007
2007: 194/348, 2523 yds, 19 TD , 10 INT
Why Not: Pressure, Pocket Passer, doesn't create with his feet, Leading WR is gone.

Tim Tebow, QB - Florida
Why: Definition of Dual Threat, The White Mike Vick, minus the dogfighting with actual passing accuracy, Only one who can vote for himself
2007: The only number that matters, 1. Amount of Heisman's won last season.
Why Not: Matt Leinart Factor. Being deserving does not guarantee a 2nd Heisman. Voters aren't big fans of dual winners

Mike Thomas, WR - Arizona
Why: Arizona will be entering into year 2 of the pass happy spread. Thomas will be #1 target, Gronkowski as another target and improved running game will help open up the passing game.
2007: 83 Rec, 1038 yds, 11 TD
Why Not: Teams know he's Willie's favorite target, Gronkowski will improve and steal some of his catches, plays at Arizona

Willie Tuitama, QB - Arizona
Why: Year 2 of the pass happy spread, Injury free most of last season, 2006 LSU game in the past, has Thomas and improved Gronkowski
2007: 327/524 3683 yds, 28 TD, 12 INT
Why Not: Injury and Mistake prone, plays at Arizona

Chris Wells, RB - Ohio State
Why: Impressed us last year carrying the load, Ohio State return most of line-up could be a top tier team
2007: 247 Att, 1609 yds, 15 TD, 0 Fumbles in 2 years
Why Not: Ohio State's offense doesn't draw the attention to Columbus, if Boeckman can't get it done, it's on Beanie.

Pat White, QB - West Virginia
Why: Has improved each year, has Devine in the running game, Spread offense, good TD:INT ratio
2007: 144/216, 1724 yds, 14 TD 4 INT
Why Not: Lot's of questions, new coach, added pressure

Juice Williams, QB - Illinois
Why: Can make a play when it counts, especially with his feet
2007: 153/267, 1743 yds, 13 TD, 12 INT, 7 Rushing TD
Why Not: 12 INT, lost Mendenhall, Sophomore Eddie McGee will be putting added pressure on Juice


4Real said...

First Glance... Two Problems... Jimmy Clausen? Is record and moxy in the pocket speaks for far the choice of Mallet..I agree, I think he has great potential if he stays healthy but I would take him off this years list...pencil him in for 09-10 and slap Arkansas next to his name.

Dom said...

To resolve problem #1, I don't actually think that Clausen will win it, just that he will be in talks for the specific reason that he plays at Notre Dame (Tim Brown won the Heisman in 87 recording 39 Rec for 3 TD, 23 KR 0 TD, and 34 PR and 3 TD, hardly incredible numbers) This was also a list of 25 people who will be in talks at some point next season, and if ND wins more than 6 games Clausen will be mentioned somehwere. Do I think he'll win? Absolutely not, but he is a QB at Notre Dame, I think that guarantees Heisman Consideration. And as for Mallet, I'm retarded.

gonnagettebow'd said...

what about percy harvin? he accounted for almost 250 yards against michigan.

Anonymous said...

Javon Ringer?

Bryan said...

Michigan State's Javon Ringer...11 touchdowns so far this season

Anonymous said...

If Javon Ringer isn't in contention than you guys are just stupid.

And Todd Beckman, QB - Ohio State
Noel Devine, RB - West Virginia
Graham Harrell, QB - Texas Tech
P.J. Hill, RB - Wisconsin
Ian Johnson, RB - Boise State
Kellen Lewis, QB - Indiana
Jeremy Maclin, WR - Missouri
Ryan Mallet, QB - Michigan

Are all poor choices, you should have known Terrell Pryor was coming in for the job at OSU Mallet transfered before Rich Rodriguez did, PJ got reps taken away this year, Ian Johnson won't ever be in consideration because last year was his best year and there was no talk about him, Noel Devine has carrying issues he fumbles too often or drops the little swing passes, Jeremy Maclin has other good receivers around him now so he won't get as many touchdowns or yards, Graham Harrell is overrated in his pass strength and accuracy, and Kellen Lewis can't produce the numbers that any other dual threat quarterback did within the past 10 years so he won't impress anyone especially playing against a pretty weak Big-10 conference this year.

All in all, Javon Ringer is the best candidate at the beginning of the year and he still is now.

StateFan2008 said...

I agree with all of you that say that Javon Ringer should be in the running.... he is so modest that no one really knows who he is... he averages over 200 yards a game.. and in more than one game.... has scored more than one touchdown... he is an amazing RB... and people need to recognize him as such..