Friday, January 18, 2008

2008 NFL Mock Draft 14-20

So if you are keeping up to date with my current mock draft then you know where I stand on the first 13 picks but are eagerly awaiting picks 14-20 so here they are. If this is your first time joining us here on The BearDown, Here's what you missed.

*Picks 1-6

*Picks 7-12

*UPDATE on top 12, bonus 13

So the top 13 picks are all but set in stone but my first go through has it looking like so:

1. Miami - Glenn Dorsey, DT - LSU
2. St. Louis - Chris Long, DE - Virginia
3. Atlanta - Darren McFadden, RB - Arkansas
4. Oakland - Sedrick Ellis, DT - USC
5. KC - Jake Long, OT - Michigan
6. NYJ - Ryan Clady, OT - Boise State
7. New England - Dan Connor, LB - Penn State
8. Baltimore - Matt Ryan, QB - Boston College
9. Cincinnati - Vernon Gholston, DE - Ohio State
10. New Orleans - Mike Jenkins, CB - South Florida
11. Buffalo - Brian Brohm, QB - Louisville
12. Denver - Kenny Phillips, S - Miami
13. Carolina - Andre Woodson, QB - Kentucky

Some of those may come as a shock to some of you. Trust me I've gotten the emails. So I reiterate what I said in post #1. THIS IS NOT WHAT I THINK WILL HAPPEN. THIS IS WHAT I THINK SHOULD HAPPEN. I firmly believe that the chances of the draft falling into place like this are not that great. I think Atlanta can find other options available in other venues. I also expect some trades to go on this year. Specifically, with Parcells at the helm, #1 could be traded a lot easier than in past years. ALSO there is still a coin-toss and playoffs to decide the final position of the picks. With all of that disclaimer out there here are the next batch.

Da Bears - at 14 the Bears need to find something and though the Defense was god awful this past season a lot of that can be attributed to injuries. I think the later rounds will see a Safety and D Tackle coming off the board to bolter the oft injured Bears D. But round 1 is offense. And if one of the top 3 QBs happens to fall this far he will be a Bear, no questions asked. A lot of that will fall on the shoulders of Buffalo though. Assuming that one of those QBs isn't available Da Bears are going to fix their running game. Yes more help is needed at Running Back but I'm talking offensive line. They're getting up there in years. OT Sam Baker from USC should be getting taken right about here. And as a Bears fan I am very ok with that pick.

God's Team - The Lions are picking 15 and are thouroughly confused at picking so low. They're not used to being able to think so much about the draft pick Typically they just take the best receiver in the draft and move along. This year things will change for Millen's bunch. With the "capable" arm of Kitna returning post being touched by God and the years of WR drafts making the Detroit passing game look, well it has a pulse, the Lions are hitting the backfield and it's gonna be Oregon RB Jonathon Stewart. Something has to open up that offense for Detroit and Kevin Jones isn't doing it, he's been hampered by injury and Antoine's cousin Aveion, sorry to say, is a return man. Lions are going Stewart or Mendenhall and I give the edge to Stewart.

Ret-ardinals - Can't ever seem to get anything right, but are also inching closer to a playoff birth. With continuing semi-success, a new stadium, and a weak conference they get closer by the year. A solid draft pick could put them over the top. They have a guy made for the Cards defense right here and its Florida DE Derek Harvey. Harvey is perfect for the Cards 3-4/4-3 scheme as he can play both DE and OLB. He would be a major piece that makes the Cards a contender in the weak, errrrr competitive, NFC West division.

Nordics - The V-Men from up north had a pretty successful season with the amazing outburst of Adrian Peterson. As much as they need help at QB (Tavaris Jackson is their starter, seriously) I think they look receiver. Bobby Wade (DVHS, UA, Chicago Bear alum) was the team's top receiver last year. I like Bobby as much as the next guy. He played at my high school, and my college and is one of only a handful of NFLers I have actually met and hung out with. He can't be a team's leading receiver, he's too small. He can be a good #2 or 3rd down option, but be honest. Minnesota needs some punch and they get it from LSU WR Early Doucet. Doucet is, in the opinion of many, the best WR in this draft and it's shocking that the Lions didn't pick him. Doucet could be a great fit for a growing Lions team. If they don't go WR they're going DB and my man Antoine will be heading up North.

Texans - A couple years ago they were picking 1 and "wasted" their pick on Mario Williams. Well a 16 spot draft position swap might prove the Texans, and me, right and silence some of those critics. Picking much later than usual it's surprising that the Texans are going to be able to get such a quality guy like Illinois RB Rashard Mendenhall here, and good for them. They need a guy like Mendenhall to open up that offense. This is one of the picks I am most secure with getting right, it will be a running back unless they all go earlier than expected for some reason. So with that said this is most likely the one I get wrong.

Philly - Their QB, whoever it will be next year, needs a target. I think they get one of the STEALS of the draft and pick up Cal WR DeSean Jackson right here. Jackson is a dangerous Receiver and to any of us who watched Cal play the last couple years, he has DANGEROUS speed. This could be a major help to an Eagles team who hasn't really had a weapon at reciever since T.O. left.

Chucky's - Jeff Garcia and crew were almost in it this year and are close to getting back into the playoff mix. If one of the top receivers is still available here, he might be a pick but as you can see above, I don't think there will be. I think they're going Defense and they have two options DB or shoring up that Defensive End spot. They picked up Gaines Adams last year and that turned out well. I think this pick is going to rely a lot on the next month. I'm leaning towards the Bucs taking Arizona CB Antoine Cason.

Gotta take a sales call back in a couple hours with some updates and a little more on the 2008 NFL Draft.

Continue here for picks 21-31 with a couple of updated top 20 picks.


Tapupartforpres said...

I don't think Dorsey is going first. Got to go with DE Long. Always liked the Bears, if they could only get a QB. They should grab Rashad Mendenhall.
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