Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A few more links for ya

A few more links to add onto yesterday's shortened batch.

I'm not huge on discussing politics because, as we all know, it tends to get a little heated, but I know there are many people out there who would also appreciate This Picture I found of Hilary Clinton and the soliders. Please note the red cirlce.

About time a Major Conference starts to speak out against the terrible BCS system in place right now.

I realize This is about as half-assed as it gets for posting links but Paul Rudd is hysterical. It's amazing to think he is the same guy that was in Clueless. I am completely of the opinion that he did not have one single line scripted for him in Knocked Up. Go back and watch it I'm fairly positive he is just being himself for 95% of that movie. Or maybe he is acting and it's like when Woody Allen "acts" like Woody Allen.

Speaking of Woody Allen movies Melinda and Melinda is one of his better works in my opinion and I really enjoyed the idea of a Drama and a Comedy as two separate movies in one (you'll see what I mean if you watch it). Will Ferrell does an amazing job as seen in this clip here doing his Woody Allen impression like many of other leading Allen actors have done.

I'm not big on the arts but some of These are amazing, the intricate detail is really something to look at in depth.

I was on the U of A site earlier bouncing around looking for updated football recruting lists and whatnot when of all things a women's basketball headline got my attention. After reading This
I'm fairly confident UA women's baskeball will win it all this year as long as we can avoid foul trouble. 2 players? Are you serious?

That's about it for right now. There's also some plans in the work for a possible site shop so check back to get official BearDown gear from all aspects of the sports world.