Thursday, January 10, 2008

2008 NFL Mock Draft 1-6

NFL Draft season is a few very short months away, despite the fact that it's a leap year. And I'm sure many of you out there are wondering just where we think your favorite players are going to land. So, since we don't know exactly who's coming out, who did what at the combine, and what the draft order is I'm going to go very slow so I don't have to eat too many of my own words. So I have today's top 6 picks. It is important to note draft positions 3, 4, and 5 are depending on a coin toss to be done in February, so this could all change in a month.

Fins – Miami still has Jon Beck and Trent Green, I would assume they’re gonna try at least one more year before making another QB run. I feel like if you’re in the position you can use help in pretty much every position. Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas are getting old. I think they’re gonna need to take the best player available and in my opinion that player is LSU’s Glenn Dorsey.

The Lou – I also think that what I think about Miami easily could be said for the St. Louis Rams. Dorsey will most likely be off of the board (barring trades or something else of that nature) so you gotta think who’s the next best player available. Once again, in my opinion, the 2nd best available also happens to be the 2nd best Defensive player in the draft and the 2nd best DLineman in the draft. Howie’s son Chris. He has (warning way overused draftday term) tremendous upside and potential. He’s a little thin but bulk can be easily added and you know he has the genetics for it (look at Howie). There is also potential for him to be the reverse Urlacher with the same result. Instead of bulking up and moving up a weight-class, Long could potentially drop down a class and play some OLB in the NFL.

ATL – Atlanta's pick will be made most likely by their new coach signifying where the future of this program is. There are a few solid picks to make here for Atlanta with an aging veteran line-up and a lack of a pro bowler. I love Warrick Dunn but he’s going into his 12th NFL season. That’s a lot of miles for a Running back, especially the featured back in a run first offense like Atlanta has used over the years (2006 = Vick = bad passer, 2007 = no Vick = no QB). I wouldn’t mind seeing Warrick get a little help here in the backfield and possibly in the form of Razorback Darren McFadden, saying he goes to the draft which most people are suggesting. Of course this is the pick that has the most opportunity to change of the first 3. Atlanta needs a QB too and Brian Brohm, Matt Ryan, and Andre Woodson could be good pro QBs. If they can address the QB position in the off season and McFadden comes out this should be a lock, but if there’s still a QB question in the air, this one could surprise many.

Raider Nation – Next season will be JaMarcus’ first full season for Oakland after selfishly holding out for half of the 2007 season he will finally get a chance to learn to O and show whether or not he can run it. He has the potential, especially after sitting out his rookie season to be a HUGE bust in the NFL. I for one HAD nothing against him, but I hope Karma bites him in the ass and he fails due to his selfish nature. Too bad for Oakland. But back to the draft. QB looks to be in pretty good control, for now, with JaMarcus and Daunte Culpepper so Oakland can address any one of it’s lacking areas. There are 3 picks that easily make sense here and to no one’s surprise they’re all on defense. Warren Sapp has announced his plans on retiring and though he hasn’t been his old Pro Bowl form since leaving Tampa he will be missed. Buckeye End Vernon Gholston could be a good pass rushing fit here to help out the line, but if you’re looking to replace Sapp, Trojan Tackle Sedrick Ellis makes a little more sense. There is an outside chance that Buckeye Laurinaitis might skip his senior year but I think the Tigers left a bad taste in his mouth and will want some redemption making him unavailable.

KC – I think it’s down to 2 picks for the Chiefs right here. Either stick with the Croyle/Huard melodrama that’s been unfolding since Trent Green’s injury in the 2006 season and hope one of them finally pans out meaning that a QB is not needed or go for the revival and bring in one of the aforementioned QBs. This could weigh a lot on what Atlanta does with their pick. Also This pick could be appealing to some for trade purposes, especially if Brohm, Ryan, and Woodson are all still available. Saying that they don’t trade the pick it’s either Matt Ryan or some protection in the form of Michigan Monster Jake not Howie’s son Long. Tentatively I’m going to say Kansas City will be going Jake Long because I definitely think that would make the most sense for them.

J-E-T-S - I think the team from Jersey will (depending on how things fall in front of them) take the first QB of the draft. Matt Ryan could be heading to New York in place of Chad Pennington. I think it's actually very smart and lucky pick for the Jets if Ryan slips this far in the draft. It will also be interesting to see how Ryan plays pro ball. That will be one of the things I'm most interested in following as this year's crop of Juniors and Seniors takes to the NFL. This pick has major potential for the Jets, especially if Brohm and Ryan are coming into the draft at pretty similar projection as far as NFL impact and both are still available. New England (7), Cincinatti (9), and New Orleans (10) don't look to be needing new QBs and Baltimore (8) could take it's pick between Ryan and Brohm. The Jets could potentially trade this one away and pick up a few helpful players/picks and still have a chance to get the leftover of Ryan/Brohm or possible Woodson later and gain some much needed help in other areas or picks. Of course if Ryan or Brohm go earlier anywhere else, or one of the 3 top QBs falters in the months to come/combine, it might be safe to use the pick there, in which case if Ryan is still on the board, that's the pick. If he went earlier then most likely it's Brohm.

And before you say anything, yes I know. I have 4 Linemen in my top 5 picks and no quarterbacks in what could be a strong NFL QB class. I feel that these are the positions that a team must build around. Your QB can be the 2nd coming of Marino, but if he's getting sacked before he gets in his dropback it doesn't matter much. Same holds true for a running back. He could be the next Barry Sanders but if there aren't any holes to hit, his career and numbers will fall short of expectations. And if you don't have a solid defensive line then your linebackers will get eaten alive and your defense will give up 35 pts a game. It's the way of the game, and if you think I'm wrong, then make your site and tell me why you think Brohm, Ryan, McFadden will go 1, 2, 3. I'm not saying my picks are what will happen, I'm saying they're what should happen.
Continue here for picks 7-12. I will continually update these at least once per week.
UPDATE: after some more research, and James Laurinaitis deciding to stay, picks 1-13 have been updated here at 1-13 version 2.0.
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