Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Follow-up to a Reader...

.... you've never been so right or wrong at the same time in your entire life, and here's why.

My Post Yesterday dealt with a reader pushing for Armanti Edwards and Heisman Consideration. I attacked his defense of App St. beat Michigan who beat Florida who had Tebow because of how little sense it makes in the scheme of sports discourse, as well as the fact that I absolutely hate when people make arguements like that since each and every game is different.

As 4Real pointed out last week Heisman voting has not always been fair. McFadden deserved it in 2006 but he was a Sophomore and didn't receive it. The uproar that followed helped Tebow win it this year. McFadden wasn't the first to get left out of the Bronze Stiff Arm club unfairly. The award was given out 26 years before a black football player won it, 10 years before a Junior won it (still have only won 14 compared to 57 Senior winners). The voters tend to stick to the traditional voting patterns. Hell if voting was done at the end of the season, including Bowl games, like it should be I'm not so sure Tebow would have walked away with the BSA since McFadden amassed 400 yds and 4 TDs in the 2 weeks after votes went out. I'm not saying Tebow didn't deserve it this year, because he had a season like no other. I'm just saying McFadden would have been closer and traditionalists would have had a reason to vote McFadden a little bit higher. But I digress. The point of this is that, though reasoning is absolutely absurd, that reader is right.

Armanti Edwards does belong in contention for the Heisman in 2008-2009 season. That is, if he can have a similar season next year that he did this year. Here's the thing. He won't win, we all know that voting has it's staunch history and Appalachin State isn't going to garner enough attention in Heisman consideration, unless somehow this article gets picked up by the AP and sent to papers world-wide. Again, it's not fair, alas such is life. OTSS - Only The Strong Survive. It's the same reason mid-major teams like Hawaii have to go undefeated just to be invited to a major Bowl Game when the major teams can have 2 losses and win the Crystal Football. It's why USC gets 6 of the top 10 Running Backs and Quarterbacks in every single recruiting class. These kids will sit on the bench for a season or two because they might win the National Championship and will get award recognition when it's their time to play. FBS>FCS. It is what it is. I'm not saying it's fair.

Armanti Edwards went to Appalachin State because they told him he could play there and get an education. He would get a chance at winning the FCS Championship (which Appy State has done 3 straight times now) and he knew that going in. Edwards had 17 passing TDs and 21 rushing TDs, pretty outstanding numbers. Some other numbers for Armanti supporters. 1994, Steve McNair, 44 TDs, 3rd in Heisman Voting, 1977, Doug Williams, 3286 (#1 in all of NCAA) passing yds, 38 TDs 4th in Heisman Voting, Jerry Rice, 1984, 112 Receptions, 1,845 yds, 27 TDs (Best in NCAA), 9th in Heisman Voting, Walter Payton, 1974, 14th in Heisman Voting. What's the point of all of these numbers. Armanti might get some consideration but the sad fact is, a D - IAA or FCS or whatever player, will not win the Heisman. Their numbers may be spectacular enough to get noticed, but none of the staunchy voters will think enough of their competition to award them the trophy.