Friday, January 11, 2008

You Can Find Me in St. Louie...

A record setting day for St. Louis took place yesterday. The Billikens made history against George Washington U putting up a powering 20 points. G-Dub threw up a nasty 49 on there as well. Mind you this is college hoops. I was surprised as well, watching late night Sportscenter, I was almost certain that football season was over, only to be dumbstruck as I watched the lowlight reel in which the Billikens missed 24 consecutive shots taking them over 50 minutes between baskets - on their side, it the time counted also included time off during halftime. Come on man, 20 points? I would've loved it if G-Dub tipped one of their misses in to set St. Louis back to zero. Unless they're playing that back to 13 rule. I always thought that rule was bullshit anyways.

See the debacle here