Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What's going on in Morgantown?

Here's a new thing for school's to consider when hiring a new coach. Character. And I have undeniable proof of just why that is important. Let's look at the character of Rich Rodriguez.

*Steals Terrell Pryor, a top recruit, right out from under the nose of West Virgina before even announcing his departure to Michigan.

*Accepts a job to Michigan despite less than a year ago saying he was staying in Morgantown.

*Files a countersuit against WVU after they try to recoup the $4 Million he owes as stated in his SIX YEAR contract that he walked out of.

*Shreds and hides important player related files as far as the current WVU roster is concerned.

Why do I mention all of these things. Well it's proof that Rodriguez's real character came out recently and he just so happens to be someone you wouldn't want to model yourself after. Yet people are sending their young boys to learn by his example. Could that be dangerous?

Rich Rodriguez coached the Mountaineers 2001-2007.
Bengals WR Chris Henry attended WVU and played for Rodriguez from 2002-2005.
Titans CB Adam "Pacman" Jones attended WVU and played for Rodriguez from 2002-2005.

Henry has a "Criminal History" section on his Wikipedia entry.

Pacman has a "Legal Troubles" section on his Wikipedia entry.

Search for Chris Henry, you get mostly sports related, but you still get things related to the suspension and off field problems.

Search for Pacman Jones, you get 3-4 sports related entries and 6+ (especially if you click the news link) strip-club/shooting/warrant/arrest/etc entries.

Have you ever heard of Quincy Wilson? He was arrested in June of last year. Played his college ball at West Virginia for Rodriguez, and is close friends with Pacman and Henry. Close enough that the two showed up at his football camp.

It just makes you wonder exactly how many of Rodriguez's former players have criminal records, including the two years he spent at Clemson or even earlier at Salem, Tulane, or Glenville. It will be interesting to see which Michigan players get suspended a few years from now.

Is it something in the water in Morgantown?

What's the connection to Mike Vick here?

Well Surry County, Virginia, the home of Michael Vick, is just over 200 miles from Morgantown.

Well that's a little absurd but the point remains. We saw Rodriguez's character the last couple months, and we've seen the character of some of his former players. This doesn't bode well for Pat White and Steve Slaton or the future of Michigan football alumni.