Monday, January 14, 2008

2008 NFL Mock Draft 7-12

Here for another edition of Dom's NFL Mock Draft we got picks 7 through 12 for you guys. Go ahead and take a look back at picks 1-6 to get caught up. A quick recap for you:

1. Miami - Glenn Dorsey, DT - LSU
2. St. Louis - Chris Long, DE - Virginia
3. Atlanta - Darren McFadden, RB - Arkansas
4. Oakland - Sedrick Ellis, DT - USC
5. KC -Jake Long, OT - Michigan
6. NY Jets - Matt Ryan, QB - Boston College

I still stand by those picks since I think Atlanta has a chance at solving their QB problem before draft day and McFadden is an incredible pick-up anywhere in the draft. With that said, Matt Ryan could also be the 3rd pick by Atlanta and McFadden would most likely drop to Oakland. There is also chances of picks 3, 4, and 5 being different since they are subject to a coin toss. As I said before though I'm sticking with 1-6 until majro developments change them. With that said here are picks 7 - 12.

Brady Bunch - They really don't need anything as proof of their dominating season. Furthermore they really, really, don't need anything on the offensive side of the ball. Barring injuries or trades. I think the best outcome for New England here is bolstering their Defense, specifically their linebackers. The 4 starters this weekend are Tedy Bruschi (12 years) Adalius Thomas (8), Junior Seau (18), and Mike Vrabel (11). That's a combined 49 years, next year it's 53. That's a lot of miles. Plus Rosie Colvin is on and off the IR all season, every season, has been since he left Chicago. I think the only pick is Ohio State LB James Laurinaitis. If Laurinaits comes out of college, and is here, he will be the next Mike Vrabel.

B-More - The Billick-less Ravens will be looking for something, anything, to get out of their rut. I think that comes in the form of a new QB. Right now that pick looks to be solid as Brian Brohm. But if Ryan goes to the Falcons and the Jets pick up Brohm then this will be Andre Woodson from Kentucky. I feel safe saying that this will be Louisville's Brohm though. The Kyle Boller experiment is done and it was not overwhelmingly successful.

Bungles - The Nasty Natti has tricked people for a few years now and no one realizes they're not in on the joke. The Bungles had one playoff season and everone thought they had shed the Bungles image. Think about it for a second. They've only had one winning season since 1991. That 11-5 fluke in '05. Other than that they've had four 8-8 seasons and a bunch sub .500. They need a lot of help. Besides trying to get prison terms lowered they need some help on the Defensive side of the ball. They need it bad. So the question is who? Ohio State DE Vernon Gholston? Penn State LB Dan Connor? South Florida CB Mike Jenkins? Florida DE Derrick Harvey? It think they go Gholston, but could surprise many with Dan Connor. This pick will rely heavily on what happens in the coming months. The only downside of the above players is none of them have any priors so I'm not sure they'll get along with the rest of the Bungles roster creating some serious character clashes.

America's Saints - They slipped a little this year after their emotional 2006-07 season. They had a good run but couldn't overcome their slow start. They've still got a very good team and this pick will help them in the future. They could use some help in the defensive backfield with Mike McKenzie and Roman Harper being the only DBs there with name recognition for many of us. They need a playmaker back here. I think the nod goes to USF's Mike Jenkins here but look out for Arizona's Antoine Cason. He has silently been moving up some draft boards and his character impresses many of the people who have contacted him. It will be interesting to see if the 2007 Thorpe Award winner can garner enough interest at the Combine and in workouts to steal the spotlight from Jenkins. As of right now I'm 60/40 that the Saints go with Jenkins but that could obviously change.

B-lo - The frigid northern New Yorkers need some help. Recently they've been looking back on the early 90s and their back to back to back to back Super Bowl losses and the Music City Miracle with fondness compared to what they've been watching the last 8 seasons without a post-season. Though they finished with the same record (7-9) as they did last season, they actually did look a little bettter but still have a ways to go. Especially after the emotional loss of Kevin Everett. Buffalo needs to look to a new young talent to garner some interest nationally and make Buffalo worth discussing. So the question is, which offensive weapon do they go after Early Doucet, Mario Manningham, DeSean Jackson, Ray Rice, or Kevin Smith? I think one of the best picks they could make here would be OT Ryan Clady from Boise State and he would be one of the top steals of the draft. Of course the chances that Clady is still available at 11 are slim, in my draft it's possible and is the best pick for Buffalo. He would be a solid pick but don't be surprised if the Bills go for Flash over Substance and chase down one of the talented backs or receivers.

Broncs - Shanahan's troops have seemingly been at a standstill since their Super Bowl victories. They've had 4 post-season trips in the 9 years since then and 3 times lost in the wild card. Jay Cutler made a nice turn for the better this season and it appears maybe the whole Plummer/Cutler fiasco wasn't the worst thing to happen to Denver since Dikembe left the Nuggets. The offense has looked better and better by the game. The defense isn't really making Tom Jackson proud. They could use a safety or a defensive tackle right about now and with most of the top D-Linemen already off the board Safety is naturally the way to go. It's really going to be a coin toss at pick 12 between Florida DE Derrick Harvey and Miami Safety Kenny Phillips. I think they're gonna go with Phillips here but this is one of the biggest either or picks of the first round. Either way they're going to get a solid player who can have a great career and bolster the Denver Defense. I really don't see a wrong choice between the two.

That's it for now don't forget to get caught up with picks 1-6. I'll have 13-18 sometime later this week/early next week along with the updates as far as who declares and who doesn't.

UPDATE: A couple picks changed since the original posting of this article. An updated list can be found here in Picks 1-13 version 2.0

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