Friday, January 4, 2008

Tampa Bay Will Win

Quick post since I get to go home in 5 minutes.

Tampa Bay will beat the Giants this Sunday.

This is a guarantee, it has nothing to do with Ronde's comments earlier this week:

"Of course we want to play the Giants. They [win] ugly, Shockey's hurt and Eli has been inconsistent."

Though it's very true, and it has nothing to do with people speculating that Tiki is giving him and the Bucs inside information. It's not the same team it was last year, and I seriously doubt Tiki can tell them that much more than they know by watching film. I seriously doubt that he would actually do that. No matter how critical he has been of the G-Men and some of their players, it was reported earlier this week that he would be wearing a Giants hat at the game.

The reason is simple, the Giants will be suffering from the New England Hangover. 4 of the 15 times New England won a game this year, the team they beat won the next game (Bills, Browns, Cowboys, Redskins) the other 11 victories were the in the midst of or the beginning of 2 game+ losing streaks. 11 times the team that lost to New England lost again the next week. And the 4 times the losing team won the next week they played the Jets, Dolphins, Vikings, and Jets. Not really teams that should be lost to ever.

Put everything you go on the Bucs, they will win Sunday. It's my double secure Master Lock of the season.