Monday, January 14, 2008

Blame it on Mexico...

Back in 1991 one of the greatest men to grace the stage in a cowboy hat released one of my favorite songs.

"Blame it on Mexico if you need a reason, Say too much guitar music, tequila, salt and lime. Blame it on Mexico, but she's the reason."

Now it appears that quoting George Strait is the fun thing to do when covering sports. Sure it's a little ironic that its a Cowboys player getting wrecked by the lyrics of a country song, but let's be honest here. Bromo heading to Cabo was not the reason the Cowboys lost yesterday. The G-Men played a great game and did what they knew needed to be done. They pressured the hell out of Romo. I reiterate, it is not Tony's fault that the Cowboys lost yesterday, he was getting a tremendous amount of pressure and needed his receivers to step up which they failed to do. He also needed his offensive line to show up, which they failed to do. 11 penalties on the offensive line, and a couple of sacks amongst constant pressure. Sure it's easy to take a line from one of country music's greatest but let's be honest. It wasn't like Romo was out of control, he went with Jason Witten, his wife, Jessica, and Jessica's Parents. I don't forsee a lot of craziness, maybe a few Coronas on the beach while playing pictionary. But I digress the real shocker here is not that the Boys lost or even that they haven't won a playoff game since 1995. The Shocker is T.O's post-game comments while hiding tears behind dark sunglasses.

"This is not about Tony. You guys can point the finger at him. You can talk about the vacation. And if you do that, it's really unfair. It's really unfair. It's my team. It's my quarterback. If you guys do that, man, it's unfair. We lost as a team. We lost as a team, man."


I think Donovan McNabb and Jeff Garcia just had a combined guffaw the likes of which none of us have ever seen. What is T.O. on? This is the guy who chased McNabb up and down the sidelines in Philly. Called Garcia out, and is sobbing over the mistreatment of Bromo. Is anyone else as confused as me?