Wednesday, January 9, 2008

rivalry game part 2

Go ahead and check out the post before this, rivalry games.

Jordan Hill starts off the second half with a couple thunderous, savage dunks, then proceeds to miss yet another jump hook in the paint. And got his 3rd foul so he's heading to the bench.

Wise on the steal, take it the length, dishes to Dillon, ball hangs on lip, and goes in.

Brielmeyer just tried to rip Pendergrafts arms off. I'm ok with that, except he might have just reinjured his prior separated shoulder. Not good. Fendi is the big man. He's six/six. Not big enough, and he alady has a turnover. Why isn't Big Nasty Walters in the game. I know he's out of shape but he's Big Nasty, a force to be reckoned with.

Of course with the smaller line up the quicker Fendi can draw a couple more fouls from Pendergraft.

Bob Elliot happens to be right again, attack Pendergraft. He will play soft defense or foul, either way it's a good thing for UA. And Budinger just threw it to O'Neil, unfortunately he isn't on the court so that's a bad thing, especially when he wasn't particularly pressured and time wasn't running out. Just bad decisions.

So I'm starting to realize a couple things.

Simmons is way better than me at this, which is fine, he gets paid to do what I do for fun. It's also really hard to come up with stuff in a running diary when you're solo and don't have anyone to bounce ideas and jokes off of. Also Dennis Erickson sounds a little like Kermit.

We need a big stop and big bucket to shut up ASU, their fans and players are getting back into it. This is exactly what Kevin O'Neil astutely said we needed to avoid in his halftime statement.

I like the agreement me and Mrs. Dom have. I watch sports and do my site and when I'm not doing either of those I watch her stuff. I know too much about The Girls Next Door, Tila Tequila, and the rest of that crap. It seems like a fair trade to me. That's what relationships are all about, compromise. Also I kill all bugs, fix things, and take the trash out and she has the babies.

Backk to action and we're operating at a dimished lead. I will be maintaining radio silence for the next 5 minutes to regroup. ASU narrowly avoids their 3rd or 4th shot clock violation by dribbling the lane then rght off their own feet and out of bounds. Arizona ball.

OK after the Hill 1 for 2 from the line and following ASU turnover following UA turnover ASU bucket and UA time-out I'm back. This game is driving me crazy. This season is driving me crazy, we need to stop the turnovers. And Mrs. Dom is now getting interested in the blog and giving me advice to pass along. For example, don't call your pregnant girlfriend fat, now that seems like something we all know, I did, but she felt it was worth publishing for the rest of you to know. It's tidbits like that. She suggested that I keep a diary of every time I say/do something that angers her I should let the rest of you know so you're significant other can agree to the level of my stupidity. As Always, I'll reiterate, I Am An Idiot. This is the one certainty in our lives. And I am usually wrong, according to her.

Back to the game. Missed shot, stupid Danny Dillon penalty and ASU has 35 seconds to make something happen, and they only needed six to dive the lane and climb back within 1. HILL MISSED ANOTHEr HOOK SHOT, STOP IT ALrEADY DAMNIT.

"Again r problems"

Hill fouled in the lane going straight up and gets to shoot 2 from the stripe, and Pendergraft heads to the bench with his 4th. Time to make a move CATS.

Hill dunks it, see it works much better when he faces the basket to shott. It seems like common sense I know, and now there is a completely Bullshit call on Dillon.

OK after the replay, maybe it wasn't such a bad call by the ref, terrible decision by Dillon though. ASU back within 3 after the missed 2nd shot.

Good take by Chase going to the charity stripe and Pendergraft is on his way back in. GOT TO ATTACK HIM NOW and get his 5th. Chase sinks his 2nd shot, Pendrgraft sinks a jumper and Chase can't connect on the 3.

Cats still up 3, shot clock winding down, Pick and roll and Pendergraft is heading to the line, down 3. Just over 3 minutes left and we're on a Time Out. Mrs. Dom is thoroughly confused about the rules of basketball, says she never sees fouls when they happen and can't tell who they're calling a foul on. She wonders if it's ok to "hit the ball out of the other guys hands and the ball hits him in the head". I informed her not only that it is ok but encouraged.

I just realized I've been calling Jeff Pendergraft the wrong name all night. It's Pendergraph. My bad, don't really care. Has anyone else noticed that Kevin O'Neil slightly resembles Larry David. Isn't that a bad thing. If you watch Curb your Enthusiasm, you know what I'm talking about. Larry's life is always going wrong. And Chase hits the 3. I don't know why he doesn't shoot more.

2 point game, 2 minutes left, Cats ball, Dillon dribbling, ball swinging around McClellan takes it up, foul on Boateng, AND ONE. Which reminds me, we need more of the Senior leader McClellan.

Abbott for three, and it's good, ball goes back to the Wildcats, swinging it around and travel on Hill. As important as Hill is to this team he's gotta work on his fouls, shot choice, and turnovers.

We're tied with under a minute left. ASU almost gets the steal Budinger drives, dishes to McClellan, can't hit it, ASU gets the board. Twenty Eight seconds on the shot clock, 30.2 in the game. ASU ball at half.

ASU will most likely be holding for the last shot. Foul on ASU loose ball, Abbott pushing Chase, we're not shooting. .4 seconds, looks like we might be in OT. Dillon's pass off by a few inches, Chase can't get the shot off before time expires and we've got an extra period to look forward to. And Mrs. Dom's first words of OT, "Uhhh I hate overtime" and just said "What ugly cheerleading outfits" "ASU" Every woman watching the game had the exact same thoughts at the exact same moment.

We need to get a foul on Pendergraph and get him out of the extra session, ASU once again narrowly avoids another shot clock violation with a ridiculous off balance 3. Hill should have definitely dished that one out, he wasn't gonna get that call in OT. Ball's loose, players a loose, and Hill's slow getting up and he got his 4th foul. He's been suffering from Hip injuries for a while. ASU is at the line trying to get their first lead since 4-2. Pendergraph out, UA needs to take advantage, and Hill finally connects on his jump hook. ASU Time out, Pendergraph should b coming back in.

ASU down 1 with just under 3 minutes left. We need an ASU miss and UA fastbreak to get Pendergraph out of this game. Long miss, longer board by Pendergraph, ASU resets, kick out to Abbott, Harden drives, it's good ASU back up 1.

UA swinging the ball aound the peremeter, inside to Hill played close by Pendergraph and puts it off the glass, Cats back up 1.

Harden drives, questionable no call by the refs, off the lass and in, and McClellan slow to get up.

McClellan back up, drives can't conect, Wise on the long board, can't make the 3 ASU ball 11 second differential, Harden drives can't connect, another questionable no call, ASU scores, up 3 with 13 seconds left. UA needs a bucket, bad. Not necessarily in must shoot 3 territory, but damn close.

Maybe losing to ASU will light a fire and get Lute back, there are some things UA basketball just doesn't do. And losing to ASU is #1, if KO can't get it done something needs to change, and it should be Lute.

Wise can't connect on the off balance treyball, Scum Devil board and Pendergraph goes to the line, looks like their losing streak ends at 12 to UA and this guy is not happy. Losing to Kansas not acceptable, but losing to ASU not allowed. Pendergraph sinks the FT, and the 2nd, 5 pt lead game over.

It had to end sometime. Well back to The Girls Next Door or Project runway or whatever else is on.

Bring back Lute...STAT.