Wednesday, January 9, 2008

rivalry games part 1

So I just finished up a nice dinner of steak and rice while watching the first few minutes of the UA ASU game and decided hey I'm gonna try a Diary a la Bill SImmons. If it sucks, I apologize. And remember the r key doesn't work so I'm copying and pasting every time I need to use one and forget about numbers since half my numbers don't work. Stupid house fire screwing up my computer.

Bayless isn't playing, but he is dressed. He will be available if necessary. When you're leading scorer is missing playing time, that's a bad thing, but you all knew that.

I love the fact that ASU fans are so amped. They've lost like 12 straight against us, and only won like 33 % total all time. I'll give these scum devils some credit, they are surprising us a little right now. I think it's mostly emotional at this point. Not used to actually still being in the game after seven minutes.

We just pulled Zane Johnson's redshirt. Is that really necessary in the first half?

Ty Abbott just pulled a bitch ass foul against the streaking Budinger on his way for a fastbreak dunk. Shoulda been an intentional. But it's his third so he's heading to the bench. Apparently he's the pride and joy of my hometown, a Desert Vista Alum, good for him, I didn't realize my old High School team got bad enough to send players to ASU, we used to be good.

Another Budinger fastbreak, and he got his ninth point of the half. We're off to a TV timeout, Sendek had to stop the Bleeding.

So I decided to make a T-Shirt on one of those online stores earlier. I think I made it up but it says:

What are the two easiest things to get in Tempe?

1. STDs
2. A Degree

Thank you thank you, one of the many shirts that might soon be available on The BearDown online store.

Arizona is really starting to piss me off this year with all of these turnovers. Yes we need more defensive production, and we're doing well with that but we have to protect the ball too. Bob Elliot just 100% ageed with me. That's scary. Bob Elliot falls into my list of most hated things about sports on TV and that's a hard list to crack. The list at the moment consists of:

1, John Madden
2. This is Our Country
3. Bob Elliot
4. The Basketball/Football/Strongman/etc IQ phrase, I don't know why but I really hate that phrase

Antwi Atuahene, that's a fun little name. ASU does always tend to have at least a couple odd names on their sideline, Ike Diogu comes to mind, yeah that's about it for odd names I can think of. I don't know a whole lot about ASU, I admit it I really don't know where I was going with that, it might not make the final cut. Then again, if this is a running diary I guess I shouldn't go back and edit.

It's only thirteen to eight right now... Hill Huge Block...anyways, this has to be one of the slowest/lowest scoring games in recent memory and Hill missed yet another jump hook. Jordan I love you man, but they're not falling today square up. At least you're backing it up with another solid Defensive stand in the lane.

So Steve Kerr just popped up talking about the lack of rivalry, quality statement, you gotta love that guy. And that also reminds me just how classless the ASU fans are taunting Kerr after his Dad's death, maybe murder I'll have to look it up, back in the eighties. And they were chanting and taunting after Bobbie Olson died. Completely classless.

McClellan and Wise just hit back to back treys with an ASU bucket in between finally some points start coming.

U of A chants are starting to ring in the Tempe crowd.

"0/5...he's a 50% he'll make the next 5". Yeah that's a pretty ridiculous statement. We'll see if I eat my words.

Wise is tiny, and ninety % of the time in baskebtall that's a bad thing, for some reason Wise cuts through defenses really wel. He did it against Oregon, Oregon State, and he's doing it against ASU. Unfortunately, he also just got his 3rd foul and will be on the bench for the rest of the half. Not good when you're only healthy PG is on the bench in foul trouble.

Hill just too another bad shot, eight seconds left on the clock and a fallaway jumper, completely unnecessary.

Let's hope we see something spectacular from Zane. He could be a great replacement for Chase when Chase goes to the NBA. He's a six foot six inch G/F who is pretty consistent from about 15 feet and in. We'll lose Budinger's outside shooting but Zane will grab more boards along with Jennings and Hill and maybe Bayless and possibly Chase, and we can be flat out dangerous next year.

We're at 2 minutes ang counting left in the 1st. ASU turnover, UA rushing for whatever reason, Chase missed the short one, ball looked like it went through the bottom.

So about that Zane Johnson not hitting the long ball, he just dropped his 1st collegiate shot and it just so happened to be a trey ball.

ASU followed up and Polk dropped a rebuttle, and Arizona Time Out. Bob Elliot just passed "This is our country in the most annoying things in TV sports. Congrats, not an easy task, quite an accomplishment. He even did it without saying his trademark obnoxious YAKKA catchphrase.

We're at half. Zona up seven and better come out fired up like they did when losing to the Beavers last week. I'm taking a break. Kevin O'Neil just said the best way to keep ASU out of the game is to keep winning. Where did he come up with such an insight, pure genius.

Has anyone else noticed ASU hasn't changed their jerseys in about 20 years, maybe actually longer. They look like a High School team. I'm not saying that I love the Extemely tight top/Extremely baggy shorts look we're supporting but still most High Schools have updated in at least the last 15 years.

On a side note I wanted to inform those of you, who might not actually care, but we are at 100 posts for the site. And we crossed over the 1100 total visitors mark earlier this week, 1000 in the last month. I'm not gonna lie, the more visits we get, the more we update. The more comments we get the more we update and responses you'll get.