Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Quick Post

Hope you all had a nice/relaxing/fun whatever 3-day weekend. The best thing about 3 days weekends has to be the shortened work week. And I'm not saying that in a Duh factor kind of way. I mean the day off is obviously nice, but far better I think is the fact that one only has to be at work for 4 days. And yes I know how stupid it sounds but anyways here's for a quick update.

Back-to-back Manning trips to the Super Bowl. If "Peyton" Eli shows up this could be an interesting game seeing how well they played the Pats a few weeks ago. Unfortunately if "Cooper" Eli shows up it will certianly be curtains on the G-Men.

Tom Brady is in a walking cast after "injuring" himself Sunday. The only thing injured should be his holier than thou ego after throwing 3 picks against the Bolts. And of course his fashion sense, visiting a Brazilian Bikini Model in shabby jeans and a sweatshirt with flowers in hand is quite a statement. I guess he's learning more by the day from the Hooded/Evil Genius Belicheck.

Speaking of Belicheck and the walking cast, I hope no one in New York is being psyched out by this at all. Brady has been listed as "Probable" or "Questionable" every week since Belicheck took over. No one is buying the Patriots injury report anymore.

Speaking of injury reports, yes it's true that LdT probably could have played Sunday, but he is 100% right when he said that he could have played but why would he. No he wasn't being selfish. The Chargers have a very capably back-up in Turner and a 100% Turner is a better decision than an 80% Tomlinson. Besides LdT's injury was in his Knee, a sprained MCL, I don't see a guy with a hurting MCL breaking a whole lot of tackles and juking his way downfield. Could he have been effective? Sure. Would he have been the league leading rusher LdT? Absolutely not.

Work is piling up as we speak, the only downside of a day off, is 5 days worth of work in a 4 days span.

Finally saw an episode of AMCs acclaimed Mad Men this weekend. Pretty good, the era portrayal is excellent, guarantee a lot of time went into research. Not one scene without a lit cigarette, it's like watching Dennis Leary's No Cure for Cancer. For a guy who quit smoking not that long ago, it's kinda difficult to watch, the cravings come back with a vengenance. The Fiance's first conclusion of the show about 3/4 into it, "These guys are assholes". Same response I got while watching the Big Shots premiere with her a few months ago. Note to self, stop watching shows where the main characters are cheating on their girlfriends/fiances/wives. It's putting bad ideas in her head.

That's all I got for now, time to get back on the phones. There will be another Draft Update coming up sometime this week, but work is a little backed up so it might be later rather than sooner.

Till then.