Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Carroll Caught Looking

So you're at a bar/club and you see this hot ass girl sitting on one of the stools kinda hanging out by herself. You kinda recognize her. You realize that she's hooked up with a couple people that you know. The rumors floating around are that she's a crazy ride but you'll pay for it. Fogged by the glitz and glamor of the atmosphere - as well as the booze from celebrating the fact that you're drinking on a Tuesday - you go for it. Then BAM herpes.

I feel like this is the scenario a college football coach walks into when they've had success. The NFL looks like a tasty tart, a larger salary, more control, a larger stage. However, when making the move, they're blind to the mistakes of the others, only to walk into the same trap all the ones before them did. The failure as a college coach in an NFL franchise sticks with you - not unlike herpes - for it takes a ton of work and wins - Valtrex - to make people forget about the debacle.

Now Pete Carroll, considered to be a genius of this generations football coaches, is posted up at the bar eyeing that potentially infected girl in this case, the Atlanta Falcons. Come on Pete. I remember a few years before when you were very stern about not leaving the USC organization for any NFL team. Well besides the Raiders, quite honestly I think you've picked the most infested franchise in the nation. Better stock up on those AB's and bring some rubbers cause if you're in for the long haul, you're gonna get burned. Pete it's better to get caught looking.


Wilbur said...

That was the crudest and most... 'sensical (is that a word?) analogy i have ever read. By the way though, Pete is eyeing that disease-infested dirty bird because Bush gave USC a burning sensation when he left two years ago and now Carroll's about to find out he's had The Clap since Bush arrived at Trojan camp five years ago.

Dom said...

Valid argument, but the point was not that Atlanta is terrible but that Carroll has a good thing going for him in College and Statistics say that College coaches don't fare too well in the NFL game.

Wilbur said...

I was trying to keep with the STD analogy that Brian was using, but maybe I should be more clear. I think Pete is only even CONSIDERING the Atlanta job because potential NCAA sanctions upcoming may make his job too difficult to stick around. Yes, the idea would then be for him to look for another NCAA job but then he would look like a rat deserting a sinking ship. With the NFL job, he would look like he was just looking for bigger and better.