Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Bowl Update

In Progress: USC's defense is plain swallowing up the Illini. Juice has noting working for him and Mendenhall can't do anything because USC is keying on him big time. It's gonna be a long day for the Fightin Illini unless they can get the passing game going, but by the look of things so far that's probably not going to happen.

Mike Hart fumbled twice today, inside the 5 yard line. Going into the game he had 0 fumbles in 983 collegiate carries. He crossed the 1000 carry mark without a fumble and proceded to fumble twice inside the 5. Amazing. But the Lloyd Carr era ends with a Capital One Bowl Victory over Defending Champ Florida. You might not like Carr but he was a good coach and a good guy who just couldn't beat Tressel and at least got to go out on his own terms.

Being a fan of a Pac-10 school, Joe McKnight scares the hell out of me next season. As of right now he's averaging ove 10 yards per carry.

I hope Hawai'i can shock Georgia tonight. Georgia scewed me ove almost evey single week in my pool, and Hawai'i winning will definately make people start to seriously reconsider the BCS failures. Back to Back years with an undefeated WAC team beating a major conference team in the BCS games would be very hard to overlook.

USC just scored again, the chances for the men from Champaign is starting to look pretty slim.

Felt like posting a couple things. Tomorrow when work is dead slow I plan on making another update or two and hopefully it's an I told you so column about Hawai'i. Till then.