Friday, January 11, 2008

NFL 2007 Playoffs - Divisionals

Ok so I've been a little bit behind with the posts - my bad - running around the sprawling Phoenix metropolis is both time-consuming and internet-lacking providing a lethal combination for slacking. However with the Panthers, Bears, and Browns out of the playoffs, I suppose the Beardown crew could conjure up some unbias - however boring - outlooks on this year's playoff picture. With the first week under our belts, and the pretend teams eliminated - although Seattle is still in the hunt which I still giggle about due to their interesting season and weak ass conference - the predictable happened San Diego is still here even with Norv Turner despite his best efforts to jinx another team. The Giants beat Tampa Bay who came out of the NFC South which sadly was one of the worst conferences this year, being compiled of New Orleans, Hotlanta, and the beloved Panthers. And Jacksonville downed the Steelers pleasing me, 4real, and our buddy WithLeather. With these wins in the scrapbook, let's look at the weeks to come. I'm laying it on the line saying this is what's up.

Seattle @ Green Bay: As much as Dom hates Favre, he's having the season of his life. This year's Farve highlight videos could be a Levitra commercial. With Green Bay having the second most effective offense in the NFL (second only to the Brady Bunch) Seattle is gonna have an uphill battle with their mediocre defense. To make matters worse Branch and Hackett are probable for the game and most likely not gonna be 100% to play on Saturday, where they will be needed extremely to try to outscore the Green Bay offense. Let's not forget it's Lambeau Field. In January. Fuck that. I pick the Pack.

Jacksonville @ New England: Jacksonville did beat Pittsburg in one of the nastiest games ever earlier in the season putting to rest the whole cold-weather issue. That and dealing with the annoying fans of Pittsburgh. So they're more than ready to deal with the cold weather and mind-numbing fans of Foxboro. New England hasn't looked as stellar recently as they did in the first half of the season. They've had close calls at many games, with teams they should've slaughtered. Tom Brady is human as seen in the last 3 weeks. The Hoody is more than just cotton and screen print, he infact has a pulse. But then again, its the Patriots. It's gonna be a close one as long as the Jags stay physical throughout the whole game. Hopefully the Jags can run the ball into the endzone as many times as the Pats throw into the endzone. Game plan, keep Brady off the field. Oh yah, I'm partial to the Jags because they came into the league the same time as the Panthers - so I lied about being partial - and I hate the Pats. I pick the Jags on a prayer.


San Diego @ Indy: San Diego seemed to have Peyton's number earlier this season stealing 6 picks from him and taking the win. But with Gates questionable, Rivers' head may be spinning in the backfield. As a fan of LT, I believe he'll play a competitive game but his lead blocker Oneal isn't looking too pretty for this game as listed as probable. On the flipside, injuries plague the Colts all year, and it doesn't look like it's letting up. Both safeties are questionable as well as one linebacker. Their recieving core finally gets back Marvin at the expense of their rookie slot reciever Gonzalez who hasn't had a terrible year. This game hangs in the balance of San Diego's defense responding and locking down Peyton. But I'm still sticking with the Colts.

New York @ Dallas: Oh Bromo, here's your second chance. This year though, he won't be the one holding the ball for field goals. It's been his breakout season this year with a couple missteps so we will all finally see what kind of playoff quarterback he is. Eli, coming off his first playoff win is riding pretty high as he beat his brother to his first playoff win. The battle of the Young Gun Slingers begins. The Giants have kept it close both times they've played the Cowboys only to have the T.O.-Romo combination beat them in the 4th quarter. Oh yah, the 'Boys get Terry Glenn back. I pick Bromo and his 'Boys.

Unlike the NCAA football year, the NFL has been rather predictable. Mostly because for teams that were on the fence, when it rained it poured. Injuries, crimes, and other things helped to seperate and distinguished the best teams from the not-so-good ones. Oh ya girls at the game.