Thursday, January 17, 2008

Random Ramblings

I know I discussed it earlier in this post but how does Isiah still have a job. He brought down the english language, the Pacers, the CBA, the Raptors, and now is doing it to the Knicks. 10 years ago people heard Isiah Thomas and the first thing that came to mind was the Hall of Famer's toughness, or more simply that he was in fact a Hall of Famer and regarded as one of the best to do what it was he did. (fun senetence huh?). Now they hear his name and realize exactly how bad of an executive he is, or think about his recent sexual harrassment lawsuit (he cost the Knicks $11.2 Million. And no one seems to care, well except for the entire sports community, Knick fans, the city of New York. On second thought, everyone seems to care except for his boss, James Dolan.

Why is Pacman allowed anywhere near strip clubs? This isn't a off-the-cuff joke, I'm seriously looking for some answers, can anyone tell me why they still let him in?

Green Bay fans are sick. I mean absolutely out of their minds. I'm talking mentally unstable. I guess it's like the entire "city" is more like the hotel in The Shining. Trapped in the cold, drinking a lot, surrounded by nothing by white snow, and no one there has enough command of the english language to write a novel.

After requesting a Coors Light/Miss Teen South Carolina video the other day I was thinking, what can we compare this batch of Coors Light ads to in sports culture? The Spread Offense? Everyone loves the format and there are plenty of repeats/versions of it. I mean the Mora one was great, the Parcells one was hillarious, and even by mid 2006 NFL season when Denny Green flipped out I immediately knew that it would be a Coors Light commercial. My buddy Casey and I both knew it was coming. And now there are immitations of the ads. Check out YouTube, there are more than a few GREAT parodies already made.

The second a coach or player says/does anything great in a press conference Coors Light is on it, or else people at home are there to pick up the slack. Also, 4Real has mentioned a couple times to me that Matt Holliday was on Best Damn and had his young nephew do the "I'm a man" rant, but the only clip I can find is the whole 5 minute segment and don't feel like posting it.

The sports world just loves to piss me off. Really. The probable options for this years Super Bowl, The Patriots and The Packers. I hate both of them, and don't know how I can, in good conscience root for either one after all the shit I have talked about them over the years. And I have to watch the game, there isn't an option. They did it to me in the World Series too. A team I hate vs. I team I can't root for. The Super Bowl just looks to be two teams that I hate.

Congrats to Bobby Knight on 900. There's no joke, I'm genuinely happy for the guy. We're supposed to not like him because he gets amped and throws chairs? Last time I checked passion was a good thing, maybe he goes a little far sometimes but his passion and 900 wins go hand in hand in my book.