Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Quick Draft Update

The NY Jets reportedly have decided to stick with Chad Pennington and Kellen Clemens. That means that Matt Ryan with the 6th pick no longer makes any sense. Also Laurinaitis has decided to return for his Senior year which I suggested would happen in Picks 1-6, but doing what one should never do I second guessed myself in Picks 7-12 and suggested he was NFL and New England bound. To ratify those egregious errors here's a Draft Update 2.5, complete with an extra pick.

With the 6th pick the New York Jets fans will be looking running back or offensive lineman. Well they've got Thomas Jones and although he only had one rushing TD last year he performed well (3.6 YPC) and Leon Washington gave him a few breathers and managed to rack up a 5 YPC average over 70 carries. I don't think Running Back is where they'll be going but their running game does need a lot of help. Here we should see OT from Boise State Ryan Clady coming off the board and heading out to New York as the Jets fans boo, because that's what they do on draft day.

Now at 7 the Patriots have a choice to make. And for them this is more of a luxury pick than anything. Lawrence Maroney had a decent year in a pass first offense so I don't think they're going Running Back here despite some good Running Back talent waiting to be picked up. Laurinaitis is no longer available so are they still looking at LB. I see Penn State LB Dan Connor getting picked up. Their Linebacking corps is still getting older by the Minute and they should be looking to the future. Dan Connor could easily be that future.

Of course at 8 now Baltimore is looking at Matt Ryan or Brian Brohm. Yes I know they still have Troy Smith and Smith looked pretty good in the last few games of the season when he saw some playing time but passing up on Matt Ryan for a 5th rounder who's barely 6 feet tall is going to be hard to explain to Ravens fans. If they aren't looking to get Ryan then they better start listening to some trade offers. If Matt Ryan really is available going in to pick 7 or 8 expect to see a lot of phones ringing in an effort to make a move up there where no one thought they would be available. I say Ryan but I expect a trade.

Now at 11 Buffalo is also licking it's chops at a top QB that didn't look to be available, Losman even said he wants out of Buffalo and I don't think Trent Edwards is the future. So Brohm and Woodson are available here. I think Brohm has the edge right now but all of that could change going into the combines. Maybe Woodson moves ahead, maybe Brennan surprises a lot of people, maybe Dennis Dixon still interests, but Brian Brohm should be the pick here.

And for the additional pick that I promised, the Carolina Panthers with the 13th pick go to the offensive backfield and they will take Andre Woodson from Kentucky. Delhomme has been average since that Super Bowl run, Matt Moore is not the future, and Testaverde simply can not play another year, it's against the laws of phyisics. If they aren't one of the teams to trade up looking for the slipping Ryan, then expect them to jump all over Andre Woodson right here. Unless they think they can get Brennan or Dixon in Round 2 and they're happy with that.

So an updated Recap:
1. Miami - Glenn Dorsey, DT - LSU
2. St. Louis - Chris Long, DE - Virginia
3. Atlanta - Darren McFadden, RB - Arkansas
4. Oakland - Sedrick Ellis, DT - USC
5. KC - Jake Long, OT - Michigan
6. NYJ - Ryan Clady, OT - Boise State
7. New England - Dan Connor, LB - Penn State
8. Baltimore - Matt Ryan, QB - Boston College
9. Cincinnati - Vernon Gholston, DE - Ohio State
10. New Orleans - Mike Jenkins, S - South Florida
11. Buffalo - Brian Brohm, QB - Louisville
12. Denver - Kenny Phillips, S - Miami
13. Carolina - Andre Woodson, QB - Kentucky

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