Monday, January 7, 2008

It Takes a Big Man to Admit When He's Wrong...

...and right now you can consider me William Perry. It’s not often someone goes out and just admits it (Clemens, et. al.), but I was wrong. I liked Tampa to win, at home, New England “Hangover” curse I made up, Eli, Tiki, Ronde, everything. That was my double secure lock of the season. It just goes to show you, this is why I don’t gamble, it proves everything I’ve known for a while. Mainly, the undeniable fact that I, am an idiot. But those of you who know me, know that I am an idiot, and there has never been a doubt in their minds. With that said.

LSU will win tonight, consider it my triple secure lock of the Bowl season. From the guy who brought you TCU over Texas, comes LSU over Ohio State.

The Superdome is practically a light jog from home for LSU and their fans. These fans travel to an insane extent as it is, when it’s a stone’s throw from Baton Rouge to New Orleans, they will be there, and they will be loud. This is the closest thing to a Home National Championship game we have ever seen.

LSU beat some really good teams, Ohio State beat…Michigan. Ohio State’s defense is good, Laurenitis is really good, built in the Urlacher model of a quick LB who plays all over the place as long as the DLine keeps the OLine off of him. The rest of the Buckeyes D aint that bad either. But LSU has been dominant on both sides of the ball all season.

LSU is in the all powerful SEC, the Big Ten is looking at being demoted in favor of the WAC as far as the BCS conferences go. LSU will win this one hands down, have I ever been wrong?