Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Let's talk Super Bowl...parties

After weeks of being scattered around the Phoenix-Metro area, I've finally settled down into my pad in the heart of Scottsdale, AZ - sans internet at my place ( who would've known so many people at this apartment complex were smart enough to encode their wireless networks). I've managed to ghetto rig my computer to use my cell signal as an internet signal. Yah, you're jealous I know. However lets get to the goodies. I am lucky enough to be smack dab in the middle of the FBR and Super Bowl crowd. Cold-weather migrants have been clogging up the streets to watch these two awesome sporting events for the past week making traffic absolutely amazing. However, with the Hooter's Super Bowl Celebrity Party at Taste, the MySpace VIP Super Bowl Party in Glendale, Lawrence Taylor's Golf/Fundraiser thing happening downtown, as well as a NFL Celebrity Poker tournament at the Fort McDowell Casino, it seems like the only people around here that know that there's a football game to be played are the two teams playing and the stadium crew. Sitting around with basic cable and lacking any sports channels, I had assumed there would be extensive Super Bowl coverage seeing as how AZ is hosting this auspicious occasion. But even the sports segments of these local news channels have failed to report on anything game related - interviews, analysis, football in general. I remember watching the Super Bowl years before and thinking man this is the biggest game of the year, there's people sleeping in the parking lot of the stadium...pulling week long tailgates. Even this months GQ ( if you think I'm a bitch for reading GQ then I have a middle finger full of hate for your redneck face) had an article titled "When The Super Bowl Was Super Bad"(Bad in a good way old man). Michael Silver stated that the Super Bowl used to be about the teams playing rather than the event itself; that the best parties happened in the players' hotels and not at these over-priced clubs. Hearing about these crazy real VIP style parties with our favorite athletes is what I remember hearing about. You know, stuff that Music Videos are made of. Now the only people doing the partying are the players not in the Super Bowl and a bunch of "BrOs" running this overly-hyped parties.

I'm officially over all this hype. The Super Bowl is one of the greatest sporting events in the world, not the greatest opportunity to rape a sport of its dignity. The Super Bowl is about the fans and the teams participating in it, and should not be taken advantage of by whores and douchebags who won't even watch the game. Give me back the days where The Super Bowl was a part of Football - not football being a part of the Super Bowl.