Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Keep yourselves busy for ahile

I'm gonna hit you guys with a hand-full of links today since I don't really feel like talking about the game last night. Yes my prediction was right but I was still rooting for the Buckeyes. Just because me and 4 Real aren't roommates anymore doesn't mean the roommate rule is no longer in effect. And I haven't heard from him since about 6 minutes left in the 4th quarter last night. He was in Ohio last night. Uh Oh. We might have to cover that later. Anyways off to the links.

Found a great article on the Ghost of Wayne Fontes site about what the Lions need to do next after firing Mike Martz on their quest for the Super Bowl. The reason I like this? It reeks of being written by a Lion fan, the personal anguish I'm so familiar with based in Sarcastic attacks on the Front office.

What do Confucius, Sigmund Freud, Ulysses S. Grant, Abe Lincoln, Jesus, Lennon, Poseidon, Letterman, and Conan O'Brien all have in common? They're all great men with Great Beards. If you missed it last week The Late Show and Late Night reappeared on our nightly TV screens and the hosts (Letterman and O'Brien respectively) with Great Beards. Letterman looks very grizzled indeed with his Grey Beard and Conan actually surprised me a little. When I first heard of this I had my doubts that the 44 year old O'Brien could grow a beard. And on a side note, I'm all for the Writer's getting a piece of the online action (a major reason for the recent WGA strike) after all I watch plenty of the online offerings to keep up when I miss an episode (in me pre-DVR days), and I really want it to end ASAP. Lost disappearing after a half season, and the chance that FNL might not be back are not good things in my opinion, even if Lost is getting ridiculous and FNL has slipped a bit in it's sophomore season.

I'm sure by now you have seen them on some site or another but Busted Tees has some great and funny T-Shirts. 4 Real has the "You have Died of Dysentery" shirt I love the 756* shirt and Mrs. Dom actually has more than a few including the "I gave my word to stop at 3rd" which former Indians 3rd base coach Joel Skinner agrees with. (ed. note I really wanted to find video of that horrendous mistake but can't find it anywhere)

I guess This might be the reason that the announcements tell the fans to stay off the field and goal posts after huge wins.

This College Football Tour Guide visit to Tucson was hysterical. From the obviously belligerent students to the fact that there is the reference to the "Rock Solid" SI cover that every U of A fan knows well (from August 1994). Yes that is Tedy Bruschi and yes Arizona was in fact #1 less than 15 years ago. And listen for the ASU girls ... statement that requires a editors comment and a definite rewind.

I'll have more later but apparently when I'm "at work" I'm supposed to actually "do work" and not in the Rob and Big sense. Enjoy the links, I'll have another batch later.