Wednesday, January 30, 2008

MLB Free Agency: Time to Make Your Team a Contender

We’re about fifteen days away from pitchers and catchers reporting and that means it’s time to make that push for the remaining free agent gems. The biggest blockbuster so far is the Mets signing Johan Santana from the Minnesota Twins. Santana turned down an extension from the Twins worth $80 million over the next four years. Instead Santana will get his $13.25 million for next year while in negotiation for a contract extension that will reportedly earn him $20 million a year for four to seven years. The Twins get four prospects in exchange for Santana’s two Cy Young awards.

  • OF Carlos Gomez
  • RHP Phil Humber
  • RHP Delois Guerra
  • RHP Kevin Mulvey

Twin Rebuild. Mets Contend.

Bonus Free Agency Knowledge:

In case you didn’t know or were too scared to ask.
Free Agency works like this: Free Agent players are ranked by a number of statistical categories by the Elias Sports Bureau and broken up into Type A and Type B. Type A players are the top 20% at their position while B are the next 20%. When a deal happens with a Type A free agent the team signing the player must give up their first round pick in the draft to the team losing said player. The losing team also receives a pick in a special round between the first and second rounds called the sandwich round. Those who give up a Type B player do not receive a first round pick, but are awarded a pick in the sandwich round. The only exception is for teams who currently have a top 15 pick in the draft. If they were to sign a Type A player they would give up their second round pick instead of their first.

I’ve been looking over who the top free agents left on the market are, and should be posting predictions and speculations on where they should end up in the next day or so. You have no idea how much I missed baseball.

4Real Out….